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Top WordPress Maintenance And Management Services

It is no longer enough for business owners to just create a website. Unlike the traditional webpages, which primarily functioned as brochures, the websites created today aim to market the brand, be interactive and increase sales. 

However, as the web pages are becoming more multi-faceted, the need to constantly update and improve them is also growing. 

For this purpose, many business owners make use of WordPress maintenance and management services. These tools enable content creators and developers to employ a simple approach to optimising websites. 

If you own an eCommerce store or a business of any sort, it is crucial to maximise its digital visibility. While creating a website is an important step, it is only the first phase of presenting your brand in the digital ecosystem. 

To do this, regular use of the WordPress maintenance packages can help you out. 

The following guide provides you with in-depth information on some of the most helpful WordPress maintenance programs

Benefits of WordPress Maintenance and Management Services for Businesses

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For any business, regular website maintenance is essential. This is because a routine check can ensure that your website remains protected against any potential threats. WordPress maintenance and management services also offer the ensuing benefits. 

Saving time for businesses 

Website maintenance requires time and expertise. If you do not have the technical ability or background in website development and maintenance, it can become difficult- and costly, to carry out routine check-ups. However, with website maintenance and management tools, you can swiftly carry out these checks with ease. The programs offered by WordPress are simple to use and do not require intricate technical skills. 

Increasing traffic on your website 

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Business owners can also use website maintenance and management tools to generate more traffic to your website. You can use these tools to maintain and update content on the regular basis. Essentially, if you do not have a background in development, external assistance would be required from a digital marketing firm. However, if you take the time to learn WordPress management tools, all these tasks can be handled by yourself. 

Facilitates customer engagement 

User-friendly and interactive websites tend to rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page. Considering this, making your website as user-friendly as possible is crucial. 

WordPress management and maintenance services are also used to optimise customer engagement. It enables you to make use of social plugins, forum platforms and other options that promote customer engagement. 

Top WordPress Maintenance and Management Plugins

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GoWP is one of the leading WordPress maintenance services for firms. It provides a white-label service and enables any business to layer its own branding and create statements of purpose.  

While many individuals can benefit from GoWP, the service is ideal for agencies. Therefore, if your work revolves around handling the websites of web development clients, signing up with GoWP would be the ideal choice. This service carries out routine checks to ensure the efficient running of WordPress websites.

Essentially, the maintenance and management program are white-labelled, therefore, your clients would not be aware that the task has been outsourced. The service is also quite affordable, thus leaving you at an advantage. 

GoWP covers a chunk of entry-level maintenance plans. This includes the management of day-to-day backups, conducting security scans, handling malware clean-up and other such tasks. Moreover, the program provides you with other plans as well, which include more features, such as providing unlimited builds and dedicating two hours of daily dev time. 

With this platform, you can handle the intricate tasks that revolve around website management. For instance, if you lack the time to add new content to your website, or you do not have the technical skills to create a landing page, or if you are unable to create top-tier page build plans, you can easily get it done with GoWP. 

Additionally, GoWP also provides assistance with WordPress plugin updates, security monitoring, along with providing automatic site backups with 90 days of offsite storage.

Some other features of GoWP are as follows: 

  • Limitless edits of content.
  • Account management. This feature is only available for a premium plan. 
  • WordPress development. This feature is only available for a premium plan. 
  • Regular security scan and malware clean-up. 
  • White-label help desk. 

Although the services vary in accordance with the prices, you can benefit more from higher-priced packages. This is because the advanced plans are inclusive of live chat options, support tickets on dashboards feature, as well as the visual validator WordPress updates. 


FixRunner is another platform that provides subscription maintenance and support services, along with one-time fix options. 

FixRunner is an ideal platform if you require WordPress support and maintenance service for a particular task. However, if you need this facility on a regular basis, this option may not be right for you. 

One of the plus points for FixRunner is its affordable pricing. For a low cost, the teams that work for the platform can take the time to optimise your site and perform all the required operations. For instance, if you need a new plugin installed on your website, or you wish to circumvent an error that is hindering the operations of your webpage, getting this service can be the right solution. As FixRunner extends a one-time option, which is extended for a period of thirty minutes, you can easily benefit from its facilities. 

One the other hand, if you feel that the task would require a timeframe that extends more than 30 minutes, you can get in touch with their customer service representatives to acquire a free estimate. Essentially, you do not have to pay the platform until the task has been completed. 

Additionally, if you wish to attain regular support and maintenance facilities from FixRunner, a monthly package can be attained. With a monthly package, a number of minutes can be decided, which can be used in that month. 

FixRunner also comes with a customer service facility. You can get in touch with their teams via email, dashboard ticketing, or through a 24-hour live chat. Moreover, if you need an emergency fix, their teams can cater to your requests on the weekend as well. 

One of the greatest perks of using FixRunner is that it provides additional services in addition to the task assigned. They provide website backups, along with website optimisation for speed, plugins, themes and WordPress software updates. FixRunner also extends a full-time security observation for your website, which makes it an ideal option for eCommerce stores. 

The pricing system for FixRunner is quite affordable. Essentially, you can save more money if you choose a long-term plan. Their price packages include monthly, quarterly and yearly payments. However, if you are sceptical about the quality of their services, you can try the one-time fix facility.  The satisfaction with the results can help decide if long-term investments are worth the money.

In addition to this, FixRunner also extends its users a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which presents the option of availing a full refund. 

To summarize, FixRunner presents the ensuing WordPress maintenance and management services: 

  • Speed optimisation
  • Plug-in and themes updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security scans
  • WordPress core updates

FixRunner provides its services to all types of websites. For smaller websites, their price plans are as follows: 

  • Premium: Available for monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment plans
  • Rocket: Available for monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment plans
  • Advance: Available for monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments

On the other hand, if you require these services for a larger or more complex website, the following plans are better suited. 

  • Advance Plus: Available for monthly or quarterly payment plans 
  • Advance Plus Plus: Available for monthly or quarterly payment plans. 
  • Custom: Available for monthly or quarterly payment plans. 

You can learn more about the price plans for FixRunner by visiting their website. If you want to avail the custom package, give them a call for better communications. 

WP Buffs

If you want top-notch security for your website, WP Buffs is the ideal option. This service provides users with the best security plugin, which is iThemes Security. 

iThemes Security not only safeguards the website from potential malware and spam, but it further extends a feature to enhance the loading speed of any website through its popular cache feature. As a result, it can assist with rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) page as well. 

WP Buffs brings three plans to choose from. It provides a wide range of services, which includes giving the users the option to have a backup for the entire website that is stored in the cloud. 

Some of its popular features are as follows: 

  • Website edits that are accessible 24/7
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Security monitoring 
  • Weekly updates
  • 24/7 Customer support 
  • Emergency support

With WP Buffs, the pricing is also quite affordable. For each plan, you are billed on a yearly basis, however, you can choose the annual or monthly plan.  The four primary packages offered are: 

  • Maintain
  • Protect
  • Perform
  • Custom

With that said, if you wish to access the iThemes Security Pro premium plugin, it is important to note that this feature is only accessible with the ‘Protect’, ‘Perform’ and ‘Custom’ plans.  Similarly, if you wish to access cloud backups, priority support, as well as malware removal services, you would have to choose the ‘Perform’ package.

WP Buffs’ Maintain plan is an entry-level package that includes the management of website updates. However, if you end up choosing the Perform plan, additional features would be provided. One of the greatest perks of selecting the ‘Perform’ plan is that it offers unlimited 24/7 website edits, speed optimisation and complete WordPress assistance. 

Consider the needs and requirements for your website and choose a plan that accommodates you. In case the primary plans fail to satisfy all the requirements, a custom plan may be the ideal choice. 

Regardless of the package chosen, your website would still undergo at least one backup to the Amazon S3 cloud on a daily basis. This would safeguard your pages and remove the risk of losing the data on your website, which may result from any unprecedented situation.

Additionally, all the plans provided by WP Buffs coincide with emergency support. Considering this, if you experience any problem, the platform’s team can offer detailed assistance to make sure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible.  

In the case that you choose the Perform plan, complete website maintenance and management service are provided. This would include the installation and configuration of the premium WP Rocket plugin, access to the image optimisation tool, as well as complete speed optimisation of the website. 

The Perform plan would also benefit you with the complete malware removal facility. In the case that you encounter an error that hinders the smooth flow of operations for your website, the experts at WP Buffs can resolve the matter and update their security features to ensure that you do not encounter the same error again. 

However, if your business has non-traditional requirements, this platform can still benefit you. It provides a number of customised plans, which include different features and services, such as custom code monitoring, the configuration of a particular web hosting environment and more. 


Valet is another popular WordPress maintenance and management platform. However, its advanced features are more accommodating towards eCommerce store owners.

Valet is inclusive of detailed services, which include manual updates, uptime monitoring, security scanning, and complete assessment of checkout workflows. These processes streamline the operations of your online store. 

The most popular features for Valet include: 

  • Carrying out code checks
  • Creating reports and analysis
  • Providing remediation for website accessibility 
  • Providing five hours of support on a monthly basis 

For eCommerce store owners, Valet’s professional plan is an ideal choice. This package comes with five hours of customer support on a monthly basis. 

However, if this time frame does not appeal to you, the Elite Plan can be chosen. With this package, over ten hours of support are offered.  

Valet’s expertise lies in WordPress development services, in addition to extending website maintenance and support. 

This platform presents clients with customised WordPress development services, which include the creations, designing and optimisation of websites. It has a panel of seasoned professionals, who can proficiently assist with website maintenance and support. Additionally, their knowledge can also be imparted to improve the day-to-day operations of your website. 

If you choose to opt for the maintenance plans, Valet provides the ensuing services: 

  • Facilitating website backups
  • Safe and secure storage of files 
  • Regular malware scans to optimise security
  • Application of updates to WordPress software, themes and plugins 
  • Regular eCommerce store testing to certify the accurate loading of pages. The login, checkout and other similar processes are also analysed

In addition to the monthly support and maintenance plans, Valet also facilitates audit and assessment of your website. It also checks how accessible your website is, along with its development capacity. 

Valet’s services can be beneficial for a new website, as well as an existing website that requires optimisation. 

Site Care

Another popular platform for WordPress maintenance and management is WP Site Care. If you wish to optimise your existing website, WP Site Care is the best option. This platform studies your website and examines the areas that could cause the web pages to slow down. These may include image quality, improper plugins, hosting quality, among others. 

Following this, WP Site Care employs detailed methods to ensure that all the factors decreasing website quality are removed, and the page is completely optimised. 

The platform offers the ensuing services: 

  • Hack clean-ups
  • Day-to-day backups
  • Real-time website monitoring 
  • Theme and plugin updates
  • Mobile optimisation

WP Site Care extends two different price packages. You can either choose a basic plan, which features daily backups, malware clean-up, customer support and more, or you can take advantage of their advanced plan. The advanced plan, although costly, provides a plethora of services.  With this package, you are granted custom development hours with specialised, as well as additional features, such as eCommerce support and security firewall.

WP Site Care has been in the industry for some time. As a result, it is able to provide proficient services to users. With their standard plan, you can get access to a majority of WordPress maintenance features that you may need. Additionally, the standard plan also offers daily backups on AWS services, in addition to the quick to the WordPress core software and plugins and theme. It further provides 24/7 security monitoring to ensure that your website’s security is not compromised. In the unfortunate case of a hack, WP Site Care would resolve the issue, however, you would be charged for it. Essentially, you may also get in touch with their support team for further assistance. 

On the other hand, if you want custom work completed on your website, the WP Site Care’s Pro plan would be the ideal choice. With this plan, you can benefit from two-hour development work. Hence, if you require someone to make changes to your website’s design, or make its operations smoother, this plan would be perfect. 

In the case that you need a service that requires more than the two-hour plan, you can take advantage of their WordPress development service, which includes the creation of content, website designing, as well as mobile development. The Pro plan also extends eCommerce support, which means that your website storage will remain safe and protected, especially if it is set up on WordPress. 

In addition to this, WP Site Care can also provide hosting for your website as well. The platform has its own WordPress hosting service, which can integrate well with the maintenance and support plans. If you subscribe to this service, your website would be hosted on the AWS platform, you would acquire protection from Cloudflare, and you would be able to benefit from larger storage options.  

WP Site Care has acquired several years of experience in the industry, which makes them a dependable option. Moreover, they offer a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. 

The WP Butler

WP Butler is another tool that you can benefit from. This platform enables users to devise a customised service plan. For instance, if you just want speed optimisation for your website, WP Butler can be the ideal choice, as you wouldn’t have to pay for additional services. 

The platform extends multiple services, including malware scans, daily or weekly backups and updates for plugins and themes. If you are choosing the one-off service, you can request assistance with a number of tasks, ranging from HTTPS configuration to custom security inspection. 

Some of the most common features are WP Butler are: 

  • Site reviews on a weekly basis 
  • Uptime monitoring
  • 30 minutes of development time
  • Emergency restoration of the website
  • Security plugin configuration

Essentially, due to the vast number of options provided by WP Butler, the pricing can also vary. However, they do offer monthly packages, which include the following plans: 

  • The Basics 
  • The Solopreneur 
  • The Small Business 
  • The Company
  • The Enterprise 

The prices of the one-time service vary; however, you can contact their customer support team to get an estimate. The platform also presents an option of a monthly retainer, which allows you to make payment for a specific number of hours of development work each month. 

Conclusion – Which one is right for you? 

In order to survive in the extremely competitive digital ecosystem, it is extremely important to regularly maintain and update your website. However, not every business owner has the time or the skill set required to carry out these routine checks. For that reason, there are several WordPress maintenance and management services that can handle these tasks for you. 

The foregoing features some of the best programs in the industry today. You can learn about their pricing, the features they offer, as well as customer support facilities. Based on this, you can make the right decision. 


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