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Moving Houses? Check Out These 10 Cost-Cutting Tips

House relocation is an exhaustive, expensive, and an exorbitant process. However, the impending responsibility of moving homes cannot be avoided.

It is crucial to find areas where you can cut the cost of moving. There are numerous expenses that are attached to the move. From paying the moving company to finding real estate agents, as well as paying the solicitor’s fee, moving houses can become quite an expensive ordeal.

If you have decided to embark on this journey, you need to accept that your bank account is bound to suffer a heavy impact.

Although, this does not mean that you cannot cut down the cost of shifting homes. The following guide provides a moving into a new house checklist, which can help you keep your expenses to a minimum.

Book Your Removal Company Earlier

moving house

If you are moving houses, it is more than likely that you would need to hire a moving company. Full-service moving companies provide complete assistance with the relocation. These services make sure that all the complicated aspects of the move are taken care of.

Holistically, it is much cheaper to hire a moving company, rather than tackling the project yourself. A professional company can save you the time and effort that would be involved in packing and strategising the move. This way, you would not have to take an extra day off from work, or waste fuel in driving around to find packaging material. If you are planning to hire one of the cheap moving companies, the following services can be expected.

Provision of packing material and supplies: A moving company takes charge of providing moving supplies and packaging materials. This way, you would not have to browse through stores and spend money boxes, bubble wraps and supplies. Instead, the movers would find the appropriate packing materials for all the varying types of furniture pieces, fragile items and clothing.

Packing and organising: One of the most time-consuming acts of planning a move is packing. The moving company has trained staff members, who can pack up all the items in your house in a less amount of time. Essentially, as they have experience in packing, you can be sure that your personal items are packages safely, and that they would not be destroyed during the move.

Disassembling of furniture: A full-service company would ensure that all the large furniture items are disassembled and packed safely for transportation.

Transportation: With a hired company, your personal belongings would also be loaded into the moving truck, transported to the new location, and unloaded into the new home. Additionally, if you are planning a move overseas, you can hire a moving company, which provides moving services to another country, to perform all these tasks for you. However, this service would also include shipping your belongings to the other state.

Unpacking: If you hire a company that provides a complete service, the package would also cover the unpacking of materials This would ensure that you settle down in the new home quickly, without having to take an additional time off from work.

Considering this, it is more convenient, as well as affordable, to hire a moving company.

However, parallel to booking an airline or a hotel, it is much more economical to book a moving company at least a month in advance. The earlier you book, the more choices you will have. As a result, you can benefit from a reduced price. Conversely, if you make a booking at the last minute, the charges may increase.

With that said, if you haven’t confirmed your moving date, it is still possible to get a quote, along with a provisional agreement, which can be confirmed at a later date. However, many companies have a limited duration of time in which you can confirm the date.

For instance, the companies that are a part of the British Association for Removers (BAR), the company quote would expire after a period of 28 days.

Compare Removal Company Rates

company rate

As stated earlier, hiring a home relocation and removal company can be a wise financial decision. Not only would your belongings be transported safely and securely, but you would also be saving time and money in the long run.

With that said, it is extremely important to hire an affordable moving company, which provides a complete service. It is important to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

To do this, you must create a list of moving companies in the area. Research for the movers near your location, and meticulously examine the services that they offer.

However, if you do have the time to conduct comprehensive research, you can use online tools, such as comparemymove.com, to contrast the prices and find cheaper options for moving companies.

Compare My Move is a website that enables movers in the UK by introducing them to a network of well-researched and professionals Licensed Conveyancers, RICS Chartered Surveyors and Trusted Removal Companies. This platform allows you to save time and reduce the cost of your move.

One of the perks of using this website is that it has a meticulous verification process. Therefore, you would only be introduced to companies that are verified and reliable. In fact, all the removal companies hired by the platform are required to have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances, along with a professional website and digital presence. Moreover, the network of companies present on the platform is required to follow a strict set of rules and regulations.

Taking that into account, using this tool can be an expedient and time-saving choice.  This option would also be affordable, as the service claims to help home movers save up to seventy per cent on all moving costs.

In order to use this website, all you would have to do is fill out a form to describe the type of service you require. Next, the appropriate removal companies in your area would be matched with you. Once there is a match, the corresponding companies would reach out to learn more about your requirements. You can then explore the options, read the reviews, compare the charges and choose the right company.

Select the most affordable day to move

day to move

When it comes to selecting removal companies, it is important to note that there are certain days when the move can be relatively cheaper.

Considering this, it is recommended that you save a few extra pounds by being flexible with your moving date.

The most affordable day to schedule your move would be a Sunday. However, research shows that Tuesday is also a relatively affordable option. However, if you do not wish to take a day off from work, Sunday would be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, it is recommended to avoid planning the move on a Friday. Fridays are the busiest days for home removal companies, as the majority of the people wish to make their move on this day, as they would have the weekend to settle and arrange their new home.

As a result of this high demand, the home removal companies increase their charges to cater to match the needs of their customers.

Moreover, in addition to the high price, making a move on a Friday can come at a risk of delay. For instance, the paperwork with the moving company might get delayed, or there may be an issue in the transfer of funds or the return on the keys. Due to the weekend, you would not be able to sort out the issue until the following Monday.

In addition to Fridays, the other busy periods for home removal companies can be during the school holidays. As many families choose to make a move during the summer or winter holidays, the rates of the moving companies tend to experience a rise.

Another time duration to avoid is the end of the month. During this time, the demand for moving increases as well.

Taking this into account, it is important to plan your moving date after considering the peak periods of moving. This way, you would be able to enjoy reduced rates.Declutter proficiently

Decluttering may seem more like a job than a way to save money, however, if you play your cards right, you can actually make a profit off of the clutter in your home.

It is recommended to start the decluttering process at least one month before the packaging of your belongings. This would give you enough time to sort through the clutter, and create piles for donation or reselling.

When it comes to decluttering, you can cut the cost of moving by reducing the number of things that you are taking with you. Some removing companies charge a higher rate for a larger number of items. Therefore, the lesser the number of things you have to transport, the more money you can save.

Moreover, the decluttering process can also help you with earning an additional income. When you clean your house and find the things that you no longer need or use, you can simply sell it online on eBay or other such platforms of your choice. The money earned from this transaction can then be used to cover some of the other moving costs.

In order to declutter proficiently,  you would need to create piles of items that would need to be sold, donated or recycled. When creating these piles, it is important to consider the seventy-thirty rule. According to this rule, you must clear out seventy per cent of all your owned possessions, and give them away. Whereas, the remaining thirty per cent can join your journey to the new home.

One way to identify the excess of personal possessions is to place all your things in a single pile. As the pile grows larger and larger, you would consciously become aware of the large number of things you own and have not used. At this stage, most people tend to become encouraged, which pushes them to donate their personal possessions.

The key to decluttering is to keep the things that make you happy and get rid of the items that fail to ignite the same amount of joy.

Decluttering is not only a wise financial decision, but it can also make you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

Sell the unnecessary items on eBay


As stated earlier, selling your clutter can earn you a significant profit, which can be put towards the moving costs. However, before you decide to sell on eBay, consider the following tips to maximise the profits.

Earning more on eBay

Although it is relatively simple to sell items on eBay, the following tips can help you score a larger profit.

  • New items: If you purchased something that has not been used, and is still in its original packaging, the item can be sold at a higher price.
  • Naming the Brands: When you are writing the description and the name for the products, it is recommended to write the brand’s name, rather than just naming the product. For instance, instead of writing, “Blue high-heeled stilettos”, you can type “ Debenhams Stilettos- Blue”.
  • Adding keywords: Keywords are the terms that customers type in the search bar. If you include keywords in your description, your products would become more visible.
  • One-of-a-kind pieces: If you own a rare one-of-a-kind item, you can earn a large profit for it on eBay.
  • Selling in bundles: In the case you have a lot of items that are similar, it is convenient to sell them in bundles. However, if these items are luxury goods, make sure to sell them independently.

Perfect your profile

In order to guarantee sales, it is extremely important to build your profile on the platform. To do this, make sure to increase your feedback rating by buying the items of need from eBay. For instance, if you are running out of shampoo, you can buy it from another seller on the platform, in order to receive a higher rating.

Feedback ratings are important, as they can encourage other buyers to purchase from you. This is because your profile would be deemed reliable. In contrast, profiles with no feedback ratings are not preferred by the customers.

Consider the charges

Before selling on eBay, it is important to gather an understanding of the platform’s fee. Typically, eBay charges their sellers an insertion fee and a final value fee. The insertion fee is the basic amount required to list the item. Usually, this cost can be as low as 35p per item.

On the other hand, the final value fee is charged once your listing is sold to the buyer. This amount is ten per cent of the final sale price, which covers the postage. For instance, if you sold an item for £3500, you would have to pay £350 to eBay as a final value fee.

Lastly, you would also be changed by PayPal, if your buyer has chosen this payment method. PayPal typically charges in the range of 2.9% + £0.30 to 4.9% + £0.30, depending on the type of transaction.

You can consider all the fees and prices before deciding the price of your listings.

Utilise free packing materials

If you have chosen a house moving company that does not provide packaging material, then you can still find a way to cut the cost in this department.

You can reduce the money spent in this domain by reusing the items that you already own. For instance, you can pack all the fragile items, such as glasses, cups, and mirrors, into towels and blankets. This would ensure that they do not suffer any damage during the move.

Additionally, if you are in the search of free boxes, you can explore through online spaces, such as Facebook’s marketplace, to find items that are available free of cost. You can also reach out to friends or family members, who have moved recently, and ask them to lend you their old moving boxes.

Another way to acquire free packing material is by visiting the local stores and cafes, who have a bundle of boxes and packaging materials that they usually throw out. Moreover, you can collect old newspapers to wrap your delicate items, without having to invest in bubble wrap.

Save money on storage

saving money

One of the larger costs, associated with moving, is the price of renting a storage room to keep your items in, while you are in-between places. However, you can easily cut this cost by asking a friend or family member in the area and using their free space to store your items for a small duration.

However, if you do not have anyone who can assist you in this matter, it is important to compare the prices of different storage facilities to choose the most affordable option. You can also look at digital options, such as storage renting applications or websites. Some of the most popular platforms in the UK are Stash Bee, Love Space and Store Mates.

Save money on parking fines

saving money

Another way to save money while moving is by staying vigilant about the costs that can be easily avoided.

Many first time movers make the mistake of getting a parking fine, as they have not acquired a parking permit from the relevant authorities.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have received a relevant parking permit, or parking bay suspensions, before the day of the move. However, as these permits require a few days for processing, it is important to take this initiative a few weeks in advance.

Additionally, it is important to note that as most moving firms charge by the hour, your cost would experience a rise if the moving truck is parked further away. The longer the distance, the more time it would take for the movers to complete the job. As a result, it is important to plan the parking situation in advance.

Cut the cost with insurance


Getting insurance on your home is beneficial for a number of reasons. However, it can also facilitate house relocation by providing you with areas to cut cost.

You can also reduce the expenses of your moving if your home insurance policy covers home relocation. Therefore, it is important to review this contract prior to moving.Additionally, if you are DIY-ing the move yourself and hiring a van, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is properly insured.

Another way that insurance can help with the home-cutting cost is by shopping on value deals on home insurance. However, this would only be valid if your home insurance policy extends such packages.

DIY the cleaning processes

If you plan to sell your previous home, it would be required for you to clean it properly for the new homeowners. However, instead of hiring a cleaning company, you can cut the cost by carrying out the cleaning process yourself.

To get the home ready, it would be required to apply a fresh layer of paint on the walls, and clean up the dirt left behind by the moving of furniture pieces.

Additionally, you can reuse the bottles of the opened cleaning material if you wish to save money on buying new products.

If you have kids, get them involved in the task to make the cleaning process faster and effective.


Essentially, relocating home is an arduous and expensive process, but you can reduce the cost to make it more affordable. All you need to do is find the right home relocation company, compare the rates with others in the market, choose the right days for moving and handle the cleaning yourself.

You may also make a profit during the move by strategically decluttering the home and selling the used items on eBay. This way, the large cost is compensated by the profit you make.

Additionally, you can also cut the cost by remaining vigilant about hidden costs, such as parking fines.

Go through the preceding tips to find the best ways to reduce the expenses of moving houses!


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