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How To Start A Dropshipping Business In The UK?

A dropshipping business is typically perceived as “easy money”. After all, you are able to generate a steady income without having to exert the effort of shipping, stocking, and storing products.

Dropshipping is a retail sales model, in which you are solely responsible for making a sale, whereas, the manufacturer or the supplier is responsible for shipping the products to the customer. It is considered as an affordable business, as you can cut the cost of renting a storage facility, as well as other overhead costs. However, starting a business of dropshipping in the UK can be arduous, as it requires a high degree of co-dependency.

Taking this into account, it is essential to thoroughly educate yourself on the process, before dipping your toes into this venture. If you want to know how to start a dropshipping business, refer to the ensuing guide.

What is Dropshipping & How To Start It?

Dropshipping is a procedure of fulfilling an order, which does not depend on keeping the products in stock. Rather, the dropshipping store sells the products, while the third-party supplier/ manufacturer makes a shipment to the customer, once an order is placed.

The difficulties experienced by businesses who carry out dropshipping includes more than just having a low-profit margin. In fact, this industry has a vast competition, as most fresh entrepreneurs are attracted to the idea of having to pay low overhead costs. Additionally, drop shippers lack control over the supply chain. This means that if your customer is not happy with the return policy, or if they are unsatisfied with the delivery, there is nothing that your business can do in order to cater to the customer’s demands.

That being the case, you can still earn a profit from dropshipping, in the long run, if you adopt the right approach.

How Dropshipping Works?

Dropshipping requires a calculated approach if you wish to succeed in your venture. The process of dropshipping is quite simple. As a vendor, your digital store would feature all the products that your customers can browse through. Once the customer places an order, the online store will forward the shipping details to the supplier, who will ship the product directly to the customer.

When it comes to inaugurating a dropshipping business, comprehensive research is required. You need to thoroughly examine the niche, products, as well as the suppliers.

Select a niche

Prior to starting a dropshipping business, it is essential to choose a niche. The success in the industry depends upon having an edge in the competitive market. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an industry that you have established authority in. For instance, if your store sells skincare products, extending a dropshipping business involving a makeup line can ensure that you have the authority to sell these products. Therefore, more customers would be attracted to your business, in contrast to your competitors, as they have already had a positive experience with your stores.

Carry out product research

Parallel to all other businesses, carrying out product research plays an important role in the dropshipping industry. Before you dive into this venture, it is essential to make sure that the products you offer are in demand. Product research can be carried out using the Google Trend tool, which can help you identify the items that are searched the most by local users. Additionally, you may also study the items featured on Amazon’s best sellers’ list, to gather an idea about what the customer demographic wants. Based on this information, you can select the products that you wish to include in your online store.

However, in the case of dropshipping, it is not enough to narrow down the product list. In fact, if you truly wish to succeed, it is imperative to study the market, as well as your competitors, to identify the gap in the market, so you can fill it with your products.

Meticulously research and select suppliers

Your business’s reputation depends upon the credibility of the supplier. If your store sells counterfeit products, your entire operations can be compromised. Therefore, selecting a supplier is one of the most crucial stages of starting a dropshipping business.

There are numerous marketplaces and tools that enable you to choose dropshipping suppliers. Websites such as Spocket enlists premium products that are available in the European Union, as well as in the United States. From this platform, you can order in product samples, without having to pay a fee upfront.

Essentially, you may also carry out a Google search to discover suppliers who provide the products related to your niche. With that said, it is essential to form an official agreement with the supplier to clear out all queries before the agreement takes place. These queries may include the division of payment, format of payment, and terms and expectations of the process. Moreover, you and your supplier must sign a Dropshipping Agreement Contract to have formal and official documentation of the partnership.

Once you have selected the niche, products, suppliers, and carried out market research, the dropshipping business can be inaugurated.

Is Dropshipping Dead?

The relevance of dropshipping has been questioned from the beginning of time. In fact, the idea has been challenged by many, thus creating a negative perception regarding this industry. However, the concept of dropshipping is now more relevant than ever. In this digitally advanced eco-system, the market for dropshipping can truly thrive.

The modern-day trends of the digital market have educated marketers and sellers to truly grasp an understanding of eCommerce. Therefore, not only are suppliers willing to participate in the dropshipping business, but they are also active in their roles.

According to Google Trends, dropshipping has experienced an increase in the last few years. This rise is due to an increase in sending online payments and carrying out paid marketing campaigns, such as Search Engine Marketing (SMM) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

With that said, several dropshipping businesses fail to succeed due to the lack of professionalism, along with the failure to prioritize the customers’ needs and demands. Hence, it can be suggested that the business of dropshipping is not dead, rather it requires a strategic approach in order to succeed.

Dropshipping Niche Ideas

As stated earlier, dropshipping is only successful if your niche aligns with the customer’s demand. As a result, you are required to choose a niche that enables you to fulfill the demands of the target audience. Some of the most popular dropshipping niches include:

Power Tools

Power tools have become immensely popular in the last few years. These include power washers, air compressors, angle grinders, and other manual tools that feature an additional power source.

Tech Products

The tech industry is one of the largest in the current times. The latest innovations in the industry have led to an increase in the demand for tech-related products.

Lifestyle Products

Products that fall in the lifestyle category have become prevalent in the last few years. Starting a dropshipping business in this industry can be extremely advantageous.

Health and Beauty

The focus on self-care and self-love has resulted in the success of the health and beauty industry. Your business can sell make-up products, skin-care products, healthcare products, and more.

In addition to the aforementioned, you can carry out detailed research to select a niche that is ideal for your target audience.


Dropshipping is the art of making sales and assigning a third-party supplier to store and ship the products directly to the customers. The progressive world of eCommerce has paved the way for dropshipping to truly thrive. With that said, a dropshipping business can only experience success if in-depth research of the market, the niche, and the customer’s demands are carried out. Additionally, choosing a reliable supplier is also crucial to run a successful dropshipping business. With this information, you can make educated decisions that lead to starting a successful dropshipping business.

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