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How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2021?

Since its creation in 2010, Pinterest has been providing multi-faceted services to its users and businesses. It has become a platform that enables people to share creative ideas with one another. Essentially, you can find DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials, recipes, crafts and home decor plans. 

While Pinterest is primarily a free-to-use platform, you can also employ certain techniques to generate an income. While it is not wise to depend on Pinterest with the hopes of securing a steady, uniform, monthly revenue, you can still earn supplementary earnings by taking some additional steps. 

Parallel to all other web-based platforms, Pinterest consistently takes measures to improve the user experience. As a result, it now features affiliate marketing, contests and other interactive programs, which can be used to bring in some extra money.

Now, if you wish to earn through the creative platform, which is Pinterest, the best approach is to come up with creative strategies and provide quality content to your audience. 

The following guide elaborates on all the opportunities that Pinterest provides to bloggers, virtual assistance and affiliate marketers to generate a healthy stream of excess income. Pinterest is a platform that can provide you with a direct source of income, or it can teach you a skill that can later be used to make money. 

So, if you are wondering, “how to make money on Pinterest in 2021?”, continue reading! 

Start a Blog

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If you are looking for ways that explain how to pin on Pinterest for money, you must be willing to put in an effort. 

While there are many ways that you can generate revenue with Pinterest, the most expedient method is starting a blog. 

Blogging presents you with the highest opportunity to maximise your earnings by running advertisements and affiliate links on your blog. Additionally, if your content acquires a large following, it can also be used for the promotion of products of your personal brand.

Most individuals misconstrue Pinterest as a social media platform. However, this website is more similar to a search engine. Additionally, Pinterest provides users with a large global audience, which makes it more effective for bloggers. 

Pinterest functions quite similar to a search engine. However, instead of retrieving articles and written content, like a traditional search engine, Pinterest returns you with content based on imagery. Its graphic capabilities have made it an attractive platform for global users. 

If you wish to create a blog on Pinterest, you can partake in the ensuing steps. 

  • Pick a niche

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The first step that you need to consider is coming up with a niche. Pinterest features content that covers a range of niches, such as finance, home decor, food, fashion and more. It is essential to choose a niche that lies within your interest. Once your blog is up and running, you would be required to post content on a regular basis.

Hence, it is recommended to pick a niche that you can write on with genuine interest. If you pick a topic that does not appeal to you, the task of writing would become tedious and burdensome. 

When selecting a niche, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What subject matters are you passionate about?
  • What subject matters are you knowledgeable about? 
  • What is the market demand for the selected niche? 

The subject area that caters to all three requirements can be ideal for a Pinterest blog. 

  • Write informative blogs

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Essentially, the blogs written for Pinterest should follow the general rule of writing. This means the content must be framed in a manner that offers a unique value to the reader. Be sure to create a blog that is infused with relevant and clear information. 

Your followers would only visit your blogs if they answer a particular question. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to gain an insight into the questions that frequently remain unanswered in your chosen niche. By providing a resolution to the follower’s queries, you can create unique content that is appealing to the readers. 

  • Seamlessly integrate keywords in writing 

It is not enough to just have a blog. In order to monetise from it, it is crucial to collect a large following. To achieve this objective, seamlessly integrate high-demand keywords into your writing. Keywords or key phrases are the terms that a user types in the search engine to find solutions to their queries.

By adding keywords in your content, the search engine would match your blog with the searched query, and subsequently, rank your page higher. This would provide the blog with more exposure. 

Once your blog is up and running, it can be used for monetisation by running ads, featuring affiliate products and sponsored placements. 

  • Create a Pinterest business account

The next step would be to start a Pinterest business account, which is free to use. You can then claim your website on the platform to begin earning. 

While creating an account, it is important to keep the use of keywords in mind. Make sure to add relevant and in-demand keywords in the profile’s bio. In doing so, you would make it easier for your followers to find you easily. 

However, if you are using keywords, it is extremely important to make sure that the content is not stuffed with keywords. If your writing fails to make sense to the reader, it would be detrimental to your blog. 

  • Create Pins and Pinterest Boards 

A pin refers to the image that reflects the content of your blog. You can use free-of-cost platforms, such as Canva, to create attractive pins to attract more people to your page. 

Additionally, while creating a pin, you must also come up with attractive titles and bio descriptions, which can compel the reader to click on your blog. 

If you follow the five aforementioned steps, you can invite more people to your blog and set yourself up to earning a supplementary income from Pinterest. 

Pursue a career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistantman in blue denim jacket facing turned on monitor

If you do not have the writing skills or the time to start a blog, you can also earn from Pinterest by pursuing a career as a Pinterest virtual assistant. 

The role of a Pinterest virtual assistant is to assist bloggers, influencers and businesses owners to improve the functioning of their accounts on Pinterest. However, to be effective at this job, it would be essential for you to be well-versed in everything that relates to Pinterest. 

 If you choose to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, your responsibilities would include: 

  • The creation and posting of pins
  • Using a scheduling tool to publish posts (Tailwind is the ideal tool for scheduling posts on Pinterest)
  • Ensuring automation of the pinning process
  • Conducting keyword research. 
  • Running ads for the promotion of pins
  • Curating sales funnels, opt-ins and other such facilities
  • Creating boards
  • Applying to group boards
  • Interpreting analytics
  • Development and creation of a Pinterest strategy
  • Administrative support
  • Bookkeeping and finance supporting

If you have experience with using Pinterest, performing the role of a Pinterest virtual assistant can be quite simple. Additionally, this job does not require any formal experience. You can also work at your own timings. 

How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

To land a job as a Pinterest VA, it is extremely important to have some knowledge about the platform. For this purpose, most individuals take on Pinterest Virtual Assistant training courses to learn the intricacies of managing a Pinterest account.  

However, if you have some idea about how Pinterest works, it is not important to invest in a training course. Instead, you can watch a list of free training videos on YouTube to hone and improve your skills. 

What is the average salary of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

The average salary of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can vary, depending on your level of experience and skills. If you are starting out, you can still earn a good rate of £25 per hour. 

However, as your skills and experience improve over time, you can charge up to £50 per hour. Additionally, as this job is remote, there is a possibility to work at your own convenience and cut the cost of the commute and other such expenses. 

How to find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs? 

In order to pursue a career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it is imperative to find a number of clients. When starting out, you can work for one or two clients to learn the ropes. Essentially, to land a job as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, it is essential to market your skills. The ensuing steps can be taken. 

  • Find clients via social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • Launch a website for your Pinterest virtual assistant services
  • Advertise your services on LinkedIn
  • Join online networking groups

If you have taken a virtual assistant course, you can add the relevant certifications to your website or official profile. In addition to this, elaborate on your skills and provide samples of your work. 

To become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, a formal experience is not necessary. Any individual, with the right set of skills, can land this job with proper marketing.  

Consider Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing on Pinterest refers to the act of partnering up with different companies to promote a product or a service. With Pinterest, you can carry out affiliate marketing by promoting the product or service of the firm, which then returns you with a payment. 

While you are carrying out affiliate marketing on Pinterest, the brand or the company would provide you with a link, which is known as an affiliate link. This link can be integrated into your posts or pins. 

When a visitor on your page clicks on the said link and makes a purchase, a pre-decided amount is paid to you in the form of a commission. This process is called making a conversion. 

However, if you wish to succeed in affiliate marketing, it is essential to have a big following on Pinterest. This is because well-known brands and firms only collaborate with account owners who can reach out to a larger audience. 

Another factor that brands look for is whether the account’s content aligns with their niche. For instance, a company promoting makeup or skincare products would only contact bloggers who create content on similar topics.

Essentially, affiliate marketing on Pinterest works well with blogging. Blogging enables you to seamlessly add the client’s link, without losing your following. 

Although, there are a few things that you need to consider before carrying out affiliate marketing on Pinterest: 

  • Go through the contract regulations before posting any affiliate link
  • Certain brands do not allow you to post images that are extracted from their website. Make sure to educate yourself on the client’s requirement first-hand
  • Be as transparent as possible with your affiliate links. Pinterest discourages masking or shortening of such links
  • As stated earlier, Pinterest is all about transparency. Therefore, it is required for you to disclose your affiliate relationship each time you add a link. For instance, adding #affiliate in your pin can be expedient
  • It is further important to go through Pinterest’s policy to ensure that you are abiding by all the regulations

Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to earn money from Pinterest. As long as you follow all the rules, a good amount of income can be generated from this approach. 

Use Pinterest to acquire traffic for your eCommerce store

If you own an eCommerce store, Pinterest can be used to bring traffic to the website. Whether your store is on Shopify or eBay, the store’s marketing can be carried out with your Pinterest account. 

In doing so, you will not be directly making money from Pinterest, rather, Pinterest’s sturdy search engine would be used to market your store. 

Pinterest can play a significant role in marketing your eCommerce store for a number of reasons, such as the following: 

  • Approximately 66% of all Pinterest users have reported investing in products or stores that they viewed on the platform
  • Similarly, 90% of Pinterest users stated that Pinterest helped them in making purchase decisions
  • Pinterest is responsible for bringing 33% of traffic to the eCommerce store

You can promote your online store on Pinterest by crafting creative boards to promote your products. Essentially, if you are also running a blog, make sure to include relevant keywords and create a content strategy to promote your products. For instance, if your online store sells clothing, you can write a blog highlighting the best clothing trends in 2021, which can feature some of your most popular clothing items. 

By including your products in a blog, the target audience can click on the link, which would direct them to your website. If the same individual purchases the product, you can benefit from increased revenue. 

Another way to promote your store is by using promoted pins. Promoted pins are advertisements on Pinterest, which direct the user to your store. The purpose of these advertisements is to increase traffic, create brand awareness and urge the user to visit your store. The promoted pins can be integrated into browse mode (the ad appears when the user is browsing the platform) or in search mode (the ad appears when the user searches for specific keywords relating to the advertisement).

The latter is more effective, as it enables you to make your brand visible to users who are actually searching for your products/ services. 

Use Pinterest as an educational platform to learn a skill 

Pinterest is full of creative ideas. From learning innovative ways to decorate a home to providing tips on painting and cooking, Pinterest provides training for all. 

Taking that into account, the platform can also be used to generate an income, after you use it as a training course. By learning tips and tricks from the platform, you can start your own business or freelance for a side hustle. 

The following elaborates on the number of skills you can learn from Pinterest, which can later be used to generate an income. 

  • There are several posts on Pinterest that comprehensively explain the art of conducting a successful podcast
  • Another popular skill learned through Pinterest is baking. You can learn cake decorations, baking hacks and other such things, and apply that knowledge by selling your creations
  • Calligraphy can also be learned through Pinterest. Once you become proficient in this skill, provide customised calligraphy services
  • Knitting, crocheting and sewing is another skill that is popular on Pinterest. When you master this ability, you can integrate your creativity to create and sell customised clothing, scarves, toys and socks
  • Pinterest can also provide comprehensive techniques to take an astonishing photograph. Your photography skills can be used to sell images to stock photos. Additionally, you can also provide photography services at weddings, birthdays and other events

Pinterest is a great platform to refine existing skills or to learn a new ability altogether. However, in addition to learning the skill, you would also be required to market it, if you wish to see any real money. 

Assist a brand with creating a pinboard

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If you are a pinner with a good following, you can collaborate with brands to create a pinboard. When you collaborate with a brand to create a pinboard, the earnings can be received in the form of payments, which are acquired from a company that requires your services.   

With this approach, you are paid a flat fee, which is decided in advance. One of the major advantages of using this approach is that you can increase your own followers, as the users following the company may be intrigued by the content you post. 

Start a joint promotion with a well-known brand 

Another way to generate an income via Pinterest is by working with a brand to create pins that promote the firm’s products. You can create blogs that highlight the products or services that a company sells. For instance, a blog can be written on the topic “15 ways to reuse a brand’s packaging”. This would enable you to write an informative piece, which features the brand’s products. 

A joint promotion can be beneficial for the company, but it can also introduce new followers to your blog. However, before you take this step, your account must be well-established with a good following. 

In addition to this, you would also be required to have the ability to create creative and intriguing pins. A creative pin includes: 

  • Inviting title
  • An attractive image
  • Branding
  • Innovative design

Create “Shop the look” pins

If you have an eye for fashion, creating “Shop the Look” pins can be extremely advantageous. These pins encourage the promotion of products that you, or a model, can wear. In this, a photograph is featured with a well-styled individual, who markets the clothing or accessory items from one or more brands.

In doing so, you can market the products of several firms and earn a commission for featuring their product on your pins. However, if you are planning to add “Shop the Look” pins, make sure that you have a business account set up. 

Essentially, the items added in the pins would be visible to users, who can click on the blue dot that hovers over the photograph. If the user ends up making a purchase, you can earn a percentage of commission. 

“Shop The Look” pins are quite similar to affiliate marketing; however, it features a variety of different products. 

Additional tips for making money on Pinterest 

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Whether you are using Pinterest to promote your own brand or to market the products of another company, it is imperative to take the following tips into account. 

  • Create attractive pins
  • Write detailed, keyword-infused descriptions
  • Collaborate with other pinners
  • Schedule pins
  • Be transparent about all your partnerships
  • Stay updated on the platform’s policies
  • Make a business account if you intend to monetise from it. 


Pinterest is a platform that enables you to generate income in a plethora of ways. However, all of the aforementioned approaches require the investment of time and effort. If you are serious about making money on Pinterest, refer to the foregoing ideas and choose a plan that aligns with your interest and skills. 

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