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How to Make Money from YouTube

YouTube has built its own separate empire on the internet. Every month, the video streaming site gets 1.9 billion visits from users all around the world. Additionally, around five hundred videos are uploaded on the platform per minute. This shows that the platform is one of the most in-demand websites in the world. Making money & gaining fame from YouTube is rather easy.

YouTube, being the most popular platform, is also one of the most sought-after methods of making money. In fact, some of the most popular people in the world have to build their empires simply by uploading videos of engaging content on the platform. Some of the household names, in the UK alone, include DanTDM, KSI, Emily Tube and Harry Lewis.

However, reaching such a high level of fame is not that easy. If you are truly passionate about generating a large revenue of money from your YouTube account, it is imperative to put in the work.  All you have to do is find your niche that you are passionate about, generate intriguing content, turn on the monetisation on your account, earn from the ad revenue and brand yourself in every way possible.

With that said, if you are enthusiastic about generating the content, the process would not be that difficult, in fact, it will even be enjoyable. So, if you are looking to learn ways to make a living off of one of the most famous websites in the world, take the ensuing tips into consideration.

How to become a YouTube Partner To Make Money

The first step that you need to take, if you wish to make money from YouTube, is to join the YouTube Partner’s Program (YPP). The YouTube Partner’s Program permits its members to enjoy the additional benefits offered by the platform. One of these benefits is generating an income by uploading content.

In order to become a member of this program, you need to meet the eligibility criteria, which is as follows:

Your channel must comply with the Platform’s Policies and Guidelines

When you apply for the YouTube Partner’s Program, your account would be reviewed by YouTube. If your channel fails to meet the basic requirements, the channel will not be accepted as a member. Additionally, as YouTube regularly monitors the type of content you upload, it is essential to follow these regulations, even after your account is accepted and verified.

Make sure you have 1,000 Subscribers

One of the most important eligibility criteria for forming a YouTube account for making money is making sure that your channel has at least 1,000 subscribers. If your account does not reach that number, your application would not be considered.

Ensure that you have 4,000 hours valid public watch time in the last 12 months

The YouTube community is very strict about the users following the guidelines. Hence, before approving the application for the YPP, it requires your channel to have at least 4,000 watch hours, in the last 12 months. This check ensures that you have fresh and updated content, which regularly follows the policies of the platform. As a result, it is essential to promote your channel, before applying for the YouTube Partner’s Program.

Create an AdSense Account

In order to earn money from YouTube, you need to have an AdSense account. If you already have an account, you can link it to multiple channels. However, if you do not have an AdSense account, you can sign up for a Google AdSense account and avail an AdSense card.

Wait for Approval To Start Making Good Money From YouTube

Once your application is sent, it would be reviewed by YouTube. Essentially, a two-step verification process is carried out. This means, your account is assessed by an algorithm, as well as by the human teams at the company. In the case that your channel meets the eligibility criteria and gets the stamp of approval, you can instantly start planning the next step in monetising from your YouTube content.

How much money can you actually make with YouTube?

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube does not pay you based on the number of subscribers you have. While having subscriber base is important, the money you make depends on your individual views on your videos. Essentially, your videos can make around £1.10 to £7 per 1000 views. The fluctuation in the amount is due to a variety of factors, such as the length of the video, the number of clicks your advertisement receives, the quality of the advertisement, and whether the users are using ad blocks.

Essentially, there are two ways to earn money from YouTube. Once you are a member of the YouTube Partner’s Program, you can either earn an income through the Cost per thousand views (CPM) or through the Cost per Click program (CPC).

If you are adhering to the CPM program, you can earn a set amount after attaining a thousand views on your videos. However, in case you opt for the CPC program, you are able to earn money on the basis of how many people clicked on the advertisement that was placed on your video.

With that said, if you choose the CPC option, and generate the advertisements through AdSense, Google will only pay you 68% of the revenue generated from displaying the advertisements. For instance, if you earn £2,000 from AdSense, you will only receive £1,360.

However, in order to receive your payment from YouTube, your AdSense account must have a minimum balance of $100, which is equivalent to £78.86. This suggests that if you earn £5 per thousand views, you would need to attain 20,000 views before you receive your dues.

With that said, having a large number of subscribers is not completely invaluable. Subscribers play an important role, as they receive a notification, each time you upload a video on your account. This increases the activity on your channel. After receiving the notifications, the subscribers are highly likely to visit your account to watch the video. This way, you can earn from advertisements.

Additionally, having a large number of subscribers is important as these fans can share your videos to increase your following. This means you can get more views, and consequently, earn more money!

Find your Unique Selling Proposition

If you wish to make money off of YouTube, it is imperative for your channel to follow a specific theme. The possibilities for choosing a niche are endless. For instance, you can create make-up tutorial videos, gaming videos, educational videos, unboxing videos, entertainment videos, as well as creating a channel that gives off product reviews.

If you want to make money on YouTube in the long run, it is essential for you to be passionate about the type of content you make. If you love what you film, you would not need to work twice as hard to come up with creative ideas to keep your audience engaged. Therefore, it is essential to choose a niche that you are enthusiastic about.

Once you have picked a niche, increasing the number of subscribers becomes the next step. To do this, consider the following initiatives.

Build an audience

The first thing you need to do is build an audience for the channel. You can either do it naturally (by sharing and promoting your videos on social media platforms), or you can take an additional step and invest in marketing your channel. If you choose the latter option, the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) would become essential. With SEO, you can find keywords (to include in titles and video descriptions), which can ensure that your video lands on the top, when a user types the particular keywords in the search engine. This way, your channel can gradually start getting more and more views. If your content is engaging, these views can turn into regular subscribers.

Create a name of your Channel

The name of your YouTube channel also plays a role in bringing in more views. If you want to become a household name, the name should be easy, attractive, relevant to your niche, and memorable. Make sure that the channel name stands out.

Brand your Personality

YouTube is all about exhibiting your individuality. Some of the most famous YouTubers have earned subscribers due to their engaging, fun and relatable personalities. Therefore, it is crucial for you to upload content that people can connect with. This way, you can create a community of followers who can rely on you for providing raw, honest and engaging content.

Provide regular Content

On the internet, you are only valid when you are visible. Taking this into account, it is imperative for you to provide your followers with regular content. To do this, set a schedule for the upload of content. For instance, publish a video every week, or every two weeks, depending on your daily schedule.

Ways in which you can make Money on YouTube

Once you have built a strong following, making money on YouTube becomes relatively simple. You can monetise from advertisements, views, and you can even partner up with different agencies to review and promote their products on your channel. Additionally, with a strong fan following on your YouTube channel, you also have the opportunity to ask your followers to finance your upcoming content. Here are a few ways in which you can monetise from YouTube.

Ad Revenue

On YouTube, you can generate large revenue, solely by featuring advertisements on your channel.  Advertisements are one of the primary methods through which popular YouTubers generate their income. However, in most cases, you can only earn money through an advertisement, if the user clicks on it, before or during the video. There are different categories of advertisements that YouTube encourages content creators to use. Consider the following options and choose the best ones for your channel.

  • Skippable in-stream video advertisements

As the name suggests, the skippable in-stream video ads involve advertisement content, which is played before or during the video. With this type of advertisement, the audience has the option to skip the advertisement after the five-second count. However, in this type of advertisements, you only receive the payment if the user watches the entire ad, (or at least thirty seconds- if the advertisement is lengthy), or if the audience engages with the ad (by clicking on it).

  • Non-skippable in-stream advertisements

The non-skippable in-stream advertisements include those ads that show up before or in-between your videos. Unlike the skippable ads, the non-skippable advertisements cannot be jumped through, even after the five-second count. However, these advertisements are comparatively short. If you place a non-skippable in-stream ad at the start of, or during your video, you will only receive payment once the audience interacts with the advertisements. This means you can only make money if the audience members click on the advertisement.

  • In-video overlay advertisements

In-video overlay advertisements appear on top of a video, in a stagnant form, quite similar to traditional advertisements. With an in-video overlay ad, you can generate an income only when the audience interacts or clicks the advertisement.

With that said, even with advertisements, there is no sure-fire way to know that you can generate a steady income. For instance, if the majority of your followers use AdBlock, the likelihood for you to monetise from advertisements would be significantly low. Therefore, in addition to adding advertisements, you must create compelling, entertaining and intriguing content for your followers.

Product Reviews

Another way to earn money with a YouTube account is to become a field maven who reviews products. For instance, if you hold immense knowledge about different types of tools in construction, you can create a channel to review the latest DIY equipment. This way, you can target a specific audience, who would rely on your knowledge, before making a decision of purchase. However, if you wish to invite more people to your channel, and retain your loyal followers, establishing your authority on the subject matter is essential. For this purpose, you can take the following steps.

  • Step 1: Start the reviews by demonstrating your knowledge

In order to retain your audience, you must prove your knowledge in the subject matter. It is imperative to show that you are the most reliable candidate to give advice on the matter. To achieve this objective, the voiceover to your videos can involve field-specific jargons, which you can explain to an audience who are not familiar with those terms. Additionally, your channel could also provide valuable information regarding each product that you are reviewing. This way, you would become a reliable source for acquiring information regarding the products in a specific industry.

  • Step 2: Talk about function, price and give comparisons

After you have established your expertise, you can educate the audience by providing them with immensely detailed content. In addition to just reviewing the product, talking about its price, functionality and other properties can also be informative for the viewers.

  • Step 3: Create a one-of-a-kind content

Due to its popularity, people holding knowledge, in a plethora of industries, give informative reviews about different products on YouTube. As a result, you must create content that makes you stand out of the crowd. This includes coming up with an innovative way to review a specific product. For instance, if you are reviewing a game (such as Cards Against Humanity), you can film yourself playing the game with a fun group of friends. Remember, people on the internet are attracted to the content that makes them feel included. Therefore, the video content should be planned accordingly.

  • Step 4: Remain authentic and honest

Your reviews would only be valid if you are honest. Keeping that in mind, it is crucial to give authentic and genuine reviews about all the products that you feature on your channel. This way, once you have established a reputation as a reliable reviewer, companies from relevant industries will pay you to review their products.

  • Step 5: Listen to your audience

For your review channel to be successful, it is imperative that you listen to the audience. From time to time, go through the comment section to identify which products your viewers want you to review. In doing so, you can come up with satisfying content for the target audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn money through a YouTube channel is by carrying out affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to the idea of adding a link of a product or service in the description of your video. The company owning the product or service, which you a promoting, would pay you for it. However, affiliate marketing is only successful if you are targeted by relevant companies, whose goals align with the content that you put out on YouTube. If you wish to carry out affiliate marketing through your YouTube channel, you can benefit from the ensuing tips:

  • Stage 1: Review products in your niche

In order to generate an income from affiliate marketing, you need to create a channel with ample followers. Once your account has a large enough audience, you can become attractive to potential marketers. Most YouTubers who engage in affiliate marketing, typically review products. As a result, when they upload their videos, a link to the product is added in the description, either as a recommendation or as a suggestion to visit the page.

  • Stage 2: Build an email list from your subscribers

The next stage is all about reaching out to potential marketers. To achieve this objective, you do not have to stray further away from your own comment section. You can filter out relevant comments from potential marketers, and create an email list to reach out to them. To this day, email marketing is the most relevant form of online marketing. As soon as your list is built, create an attractive portfolio and reach out to the brand to propose affiliate marketing. If the company deems you as a viable candidate, you can promote their products on your channel.

  • Stage 3: Cash-out on your commissions

The last stage is to set an amount of commission that you would receive after you promote the brand’s products. Collaborate with the company to agree on an appropriate amount for your commission.

If your channel has earned a positive reputation on YouTube, you can generate an income by producing sponsored content. The difference between affiliate marketing and sponsoring products is that affiliate marketing is a commission-based role, whereas promoting sponsored products is like an obligation/job. In affiliate marketing, you are paid when the company sees the results. On the contrary, if you are sponsored, you are paid a specific amount for promoting positive reviews related to the company’s products.

Typically, there are two types of sponsorships on YouTube. These include product sponsorships and paid sponsorships. In product sponsorships, a firm pays you by providing free products that you can review on your channel. Product sponsorships are ideal for the content creators who are unable to invest in and review expensive products. On the other hand, paid sponsorships are those in which a company pays you to review and sponsor their products.

With that said, the role of becoming a sponsor comes with a greater degree of responsibility. If a company hires you to become a sponsor, you can easily lose your role, in case they feel that you are not bringing the desired results. As there is a larger risk in sponsoring, for the firm, as well as for the content creator, most firms pick sponsors with a large following.

Taking this into account, it can be assumed that becoming a sponsor requires a large number of followers and subscribers for your YouTube channel. If you wish to become a sponsor on YouTube, your account must have the following elements.

  • A large number of subscribers
  • A positively-skewed like to dislike ratio
  • Majority of positive comments
  • A high rate of social shares
  • A high number of views in the majority of your videos
  • A degree of coherency in the content of your videos
  • High-quality and niche-specific content in all the video uploaded on the channel.

Sell your own branded Merchandise on YouTube

Once you become a popular YouTuber, you can brand yourself rigorously. Self-branding can include selling merchandise that is specific to your channel. For instance, if you become a beauty influencer, the next step for monetisation would be to collaborate with make-up companies to create and launch your own palette.

In addition to this, you can also launch merchandise that features your famous catchphrase. Taking the example of Jeffree Star, the famous beauty guru, you can learn the steps to self-branding and self-promotion. Starting out by creating beauty tutorials on YouTube, Jeffree Star now has a net worth of £161 million, which can be attributed to his cosmetic company, as well as the income he generates from the advertisements on his YouTube channel. If you study the marketing strategies of Jeffree Star, you can see that most of his merchandise and products are an extension of the things he says on his channel.

Taking this into account, you can create merchandise that is a true representation of the things that you discuss on your channel. In order to sell those products, you would have to launch a website and link it to in the video’s description. By branding yourself, you can earn a hefty amount.

Patreon – Fan Funding

If your YouTube channel is in-demand, you would have to satisfy the hype by meeting the expectations of your followers. However, if you are short on cash, staying relevant can become extremely difficult. In such a scenario, YouTubers usually create fan funding accounts on reliable platforms, such as Patreon.

Patreon allows content creators to generate an income by acquiring the funds to create the content that they are already in the process of creating. For instance, if you are posting interactive videos of your original music, your followers can pay a specific amount per month, for early access to your content. After that, you can get receive a payment every month, or following the release of your latest video or post.

Conclusion – Is it right for you?

The idea of making money from YouTube is extremely attractive. However, the process can be time-consuming and creatively exhausting. Additionally, while getting famous overnight on YouTube is a possibility, it is a very rare one. Considering this, if you are thinking about starting this journey, it is essential to be prepared for putting in a lot of effort. Becoming famous would require a lot of time, effort and positive thinking

Moreover, the wish to become an influencer or a popular YouTuber, obligates you to come up with creative content on a regular basis, while simultaneously meeting the demands of your target audience. Taking this into account, you must be mentally and physically be prepared to handle the challenges of the industry.

With that said, if you have the passion, the charm and the drive to share your creativity, charisma and talents with the world, earning a living through YouTube, is a job that is meant for you!

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