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What is a VPN Connection?

If you lived in a crime-prone neighbourhood, would you invest in a home security system, or would you rely solely on the faith that no one will ever break into your house? Consider a VPN as a home security system for the digital realm. Without it, you may not necessarily get hacked, but it is … Read more

Top Tips on Frugal Living

Living your best life should be your number one priority. However, this is a difficult objective to achieve, when you keep finding yourself in financial jams or difficulties. This is where the concept of frugal living comes in. By adopting a frugal lifestyle, you can still engage with things that bring you joy, while saving … Read more

What is Envelope Budgeting?

Sticking to a budget can be difficult when you are unable to physically see yourself letting go of the money you have earned. When you use your credit or debit card to make a transaction, you do not experience the same pain of giving away something you’ve worked hard for, as you do when you … Read more

What is 50/30/20 Budget Rule?

Establishing a spending budget asserts a degree of discipline in the way you distribute your income. Without a budget, your mind will let you spend freely, without realising the consequences of your actions. When you fall victim of your desires in a wishful moment and spend like there is no tomorrow, you are likely to … Read more

What is Zero-Based Budgeting?

Budgeting your income is like organising a closet. You can allocate some space to every item that you own and live a clutter free life. When you allocate your income in the form of a budget, you are essentially adding discipline into your spending pattern, which can essentially help you in the long run. Typically, … Read more

10 Smart Ways to Improve your Credit Score Fast!

Your credit score is a representation of your financial profile to lenders and creditors. The three-digit number informs lending agencies and financial institutions about how well you manage your finances, especially debt. With a strong credit score, the lending agency assumes that you are more likely to repay debts and loans, within the agreed time … Read more

How To Build An Emergency Fund In The UK

The world continually preaches the idea of living in the moment, while overlooking the future. This extremely romanticized concept of eliminating the concern regarding your future is a luxury exclusive for the elite. In reality, the only way you can truly enjoy the comfort of living in the moment is if you feel confident and … Read more

10 Tips On How To Pay Off Debt Fast

Do you want to pay off your debt fast and be debt free in weeks? Living your best life is not a luxury which can be enjoyed if you are in a state of debt. Despite all your hard work and effort, all your income would be directed towards paying the monthly expenses and the … Read more

How to Save Money Living in London

How to Save Money Living in London

According to a study done in the UK, the cost of living is not uniform and depends on which part of the country that you have found accommodation. This, however, applies to the immigrants or students; of course, the locals know about the high cost of living, but may not have full knowledge of why … Read more

How to Budget Money on Low Income

How to Budget Money on Low Income

Money, of all the things in life money is the most elusive, one minute you have it the next you are hovering under the poverty line. What is even more interesting is the fact that of all the subjects taught from lower grade to high school, none includes financial management or the basic skills that … Read more


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