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How To Check Your Financial Health

financial health

Most people are fortunate enough to be blessed financially. However, despite earning a steady income, they are unable to save enough to accomplish their long-term goals. This happens due to the lack of financial health. Just like your physical health, financial health considers your current and future well-being to ensure healthy economic conditions. When assessing … Read more

Money-Saving Challenges To Try In 2021

money saving challenges

The new year compels many individuals to implement effective money-saving habits. However, the lack of a planned financial strategy, as well as the absence of direction, can hamper most saving plans. Oftentimes, the reason behind the failure of implementation is not just an ill-formed strategy, rather, it is a lack of self-discipline and motivation to … Read more

Social Media Marketing – What You Need to Know!

Social Media Marketing - What You Need to Know!

Effective marketing coincides with the adaptation of the latest technology in advertising and branding. For a business to thrive in the competitive digital ecosystem, staying informed about the latest trends is the key to success. Currently, Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is playing an integral role in bridging the gap between brands and their customers. … Read more

How to Manage Your Money Worksheets in 2021

How to Manage Your Money Worksheets

How can one get smart with their finances? Well, there are many ways, for example, you could cut down expenses by focusing on the basic needs and obliterate every form of luxury for a period of time. Some people find it very hard to tone down their lifestyle; the designer shoes, watches, and bags all … Read more

Best Apps to Manage Money in 2021

Best Apps to Manage Money

Managing money doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher because of the numerous applications developed to simplify the process. However, not everyone lacks money managing skills, there are some people who are pretty conscious of how they spend their money and keep an account of every pound that comes in and goes out of their account. … Read more

Experiencing pay-cut? Here’s how you can Manage a Reduced Income

The increase in income encourages you to develop a habit to buy expensive things. When you can afford luxury, living in its absence becomes near impossible. Therefore, experiencing pay-cuts makes you question your ability to survive with a reduced income. Considering this, preparing for the reduction in monthly income is crucial. There are many factors … Read more

The 12 Months Pandemic Budget- A Proactive Approach to Resolve Financial Anxiety

Pandemic Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic compromised the economy, as well as the mental and physical well-being of individuals. The global economic breakdown caused disruption in many different ways to businesses worldwide and robbed hardworking employees with their jobs. Along with the life-threatening illness, the coronavirus pandemic also plagued the world with financial anxiety. Individuals around the globe … Read more


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