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How To Invest Money To Get Monthly Income

In this age of austerity, having a single source of income is not always enough to make ends meet. Sometimes, you need to invest your earnings to generate a cash flow that can assist you with fulfilling monthly financial requirements, while also guaranteeing a financially secure future. As a result, there are several investment opportunities … Read more

Top 8 Ways To Double Your Money Fast

Anyone who says ‘money does not buy happiness,’ has never struggled financially. The truth of the matter is that money is the basic need which (almost!) guarantees survival. Without this fundamental asset, you are unable to move on to things that add contentment to your life. Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The most basic requirement … Read more

20 Best Ways to Make Money Grow in 6 Months

You’ve looked at your bank balance, and you’re not entirely happy about it. Now, you’re looking for ways that you can at least afford a smile in the next six months. What can you do to make your money grow in the next six months? In this article, we are going to look at a … Read more

20 Creative Ways of Making Money

20 creative ways of making money

Looking for ways to make money? Check out the ideas we have for you below Babysitting Though not entirely creative, babysitting remains to be lucrative when it comes to making money. That said, you can take it a notch higher. Look for busy professionals to babysit for. Likely, they can’t remember the last time they … Read more

How to Get Financial Freedom Fast

How to get financial freedom fast

If you’re looking into the black hole of debt, the idea of financial freedom might feel far-fetched. At the very least, you think that you’ll need a few years to feel a sense of progress, but even then, you’ll always be worried about sliding back into debt. That doesn’t have to be your story. In … Read more

What are the Steps to Financial Freedom?

What are the steps to financial freedom?

We are now living in a money-conscious time where people are eager to gain financial freedom. While most people desire it, very few people do attain it. People are likely unable to do so because they lack information on how to get there. In this article, even as we discuss the steps to financial freedom, … Read more

Managing Money for Student

Managing Money for Student

The feel of joining the university after completion of high school is quite fulfilling because deep inside you know you have made it, you did your best and you deserve it. Besides, it is not everyone that gets to join the university and you are thus the envy of many. By the time you finish … Read more


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