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A Complete Guide To Peer-to-Peer Lending

peer to peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a non-traditional form of investment. Despite that, it has gained significant popularity in recent years. In fact, the peer-to-peer lending market in the UK alone, is around £2.2 billion.  This form of lending offers investors with a low-risk opportunity to invest their savings and expect a good return.  The following guide deeply … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Property Investment

Property investment is also one of the most primary means of bringing in additional and passive income. Although costly, this method of investment can return you with a hefty profit. When it comes to allocating money for returns, most investors shy away from property investment, as it is deemed as an exclusive investment exercise. Additionally, … Read more

Small Investment Ideas For Young People

Small Investment Ideas For Young People

Learning to invest in the earlier stages of life places you at a financial advantage. Small investments that make money can introduce the discipline required to make sagacious financial decisions. With that said, if you are young and struggling to make ends meet, it may seem difficult to invest a large sum of money to … Read more

The Best Way of Investing £1,000 in 2021

The Best Way of Investing £1000 Today

£1,000 looks a good chunk of money to spend on a frivolous weekend out, but if you are interested in protecting your future and in having a good amount of money at retirement, then investing that little £1,000 might be the best life decision you’ll ever make. So, while that designer handbag looks incredible and … Read more

Best Places to Invest £10,000 in 2021

Best Place to Invest £10000

If you have £10k to invest, but you cannot decide where to put that money, especially with the low-interest rates offered by the banks and the unpredictable rates and effects of inflation, we’ll help you make the smart move. But before we look at some of the potential places you’d invest in, we have a … Read more

How Much Can You Make from Stocks in A Month

How Much Can You Make from Stocks in A Month

While the stock market returns vary from year to year depending on inflation, among other factors and forcing the returns on stocks below the 10% average return before factoring in inflation, an investment in stocks is one of the best investment options you could put your money into. So, before we look at the amount … Read more


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