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Adapting To The Pandemic | 10 Work From Home Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

Adapting to the pandemic has demonstrated a change in the way the world has operated. One of the major practices that have been established in the post coronavirus (COVID-19) world is the boom in work from home jobs.

The pandemic left many individuals unemployed, which led to the question, “how to earn money from home without any investment.” Considering this, several industries reinstated their operations remotely.

Now, there is a plethora of work from home opportunities available. These jobs allow for more flexibility, as well as the opportunity to work two or more jobs to increase your overall monthly income.

With that said, work from home jobs requires proficiency in a specific set of skills. Like any other job, you are obligated to establish a value to your skillset and execute it on a daily basis.

However, remote work opportunities are available in a variety of fields. For instance, if you have a background in marketing and management, you can work as a remote marketing consultant, whereas, if you are bilingual, a job as a translator or interpreter may be right for you.

Most people associate working from home with freelancing. Although these two terms are used interchangeably, there is a vast difference between them. Freelancing jobs come under the category of work from home. However, when you work as a freelancer, you are working as a “solopreneur,” which means that you do not have to answer to a superior in an organization. Freelancers are required to search for clients, make proposals, and set the rate for their own jobs. These individuals are directly in contact with the client, which makes them their own boss.

Conversely, individuals who employed but happen to work from home are part of an organization. These individuals have to answer to a superior while having to perform specific duties related to the job’s role and requirements.

Working from home, especially during a pandemic, can be an ideal option for many individuals. If you are in the search for the highest-paid work from home jobs in the UK, read the following guide.

Freelance Writing/ Blogging

Freelance Writing

In the current era, writing is an in-demand profession. Brands require a creative skillset to promote their products through blogs, social media platforms, as well as through their digital websites.

However, in order to become a freelance writer or a blogger, you do not need to have advanced writing skills. Rather, the two areas that you need to focus on are accuracy in the use of language, as well as clarity in writing.

Freelance writing and blogging speak to a wide variety of audiences. Therefore, the content written for these individuals should be comprehensible, useful, and insightful.

Considering this, if your writing abilities are proficient, you can work from home as a freelance writer or a blogger.

In the case of the former, you would be required to create a portfolio, which can be presented to potential clients. Freelance writers are expected to write on a range of topics in different industries. For instance, if your client runs a business selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you may have to tailor your writing style to match the needs of that niche.

Similarly, for a client in a technical industry or sector, you would be obligated to alter your writing style to match their requirements.

If you are freelancing, you have the liberty to select your own clients and have a specialism in a particular niche.

However, if you wish to work as a professional remote blogger, your writing style would need to be more versatile. You can search for software houses, writing firms, or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) firms, to find jobs for content writers, copywriters, and bloggers.

Once you find the right job, you can set your own price, which may vary in terms of your experience or writing abilities. Most writers charge as little as 1 cent per word.

If you pursue a career as a remote writer, you can generate an income of around £90 to £100 per day.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Another field that is growing day by day is video editing. The abilities of a video editor are required by advertising companies, media companies, and firms that manage social media posts for different brands.

Additionally, as the demand for YouTubers and influencers is increasing day-by-day, more and more individuals require video editing services to ameliorate their video content before it is uploaded on the internet.

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If you have experience and the talent for editing videos, you can easily earn money from home in the UK.

Essentially, this profession can provide you with an income of £100 to £150 per video that you edit. Moreover, if you are working for a specific client, you can also provide bundle offers and charge £800, as a monthly fee, to edit two videos per week.

This would introduce you to a larger clientele and make sure that you have a steady source of income.

To find jobs for video editors in the UK, which enable you to work from home, you can send out your resume to digital marketing agencies that offer remote work opportunities. On the other hand, if you wish to work as a freelancer, you can create a portfolio and search for jobs on different platforms, such as UpWork, Freelancer, and People per hour portals.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

In simple terms, a marketing consultant is an individual who provides an opinion on how to perform a market a product or service in a better and refined manner.

These individuals explore and investigate the existing operations of a business and provide a detailed plan on how efficiency and effectiveness can be introduced to augment the sales of their products and services.

Pursuing a job as a marketing consultant does not require you to be in the field constantly. In fact, remote marketing consultants are able to perform their duties just as well by thoroughly by using digital means.

With that said, if you wish to monetize from a marketing consultancy position, you would need to have expertise in one specific area.

For instance, you can land a job as a Social Media Marketing Consultant, which would require you to come up with strategies to improve the social media presence of the client, in order to increase its sales.

Additionally, if you have a background in marketing, advertising, or management, working as a marketing consultant would be ideal for you. You would be required to create sales funnels to increase sales for your client’s products and/or services.

To find remote work opportunities for the role of a marketing consultant, you can display your resume on various platforms, such as Glassdoor and Indeed.

Once the rates are finalized, you can start working as a remote marketing consultant. This could be a ‘contract’ job for a specific period of time, however, there are opportunities for permanent roles.

Remote Tutoring

Remote Tutoring

Remote tutoring has become extremely popular in recent years. Now, any individual with a knack for teaching can offer assistance to students all around the globe. A remote tutor can pass on their knowledge on different topics to a number of people at the same time.

Essentially, when you are working as a remote teacher, teaching can be performed through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, etc. These platforms have been readily used during the pandemic to carry out classes in schools and universities around the globe.

With these platforms, you can share your screen to show PowerPoint presentations, or turn on the video to teach with a whiteboard.

There are two approaches to monetizing tutoring. If you wish to provide education in a one-on-one session, you can market your skills on various platforms to find students who require your services.

You can also register yourself with different teaching programs, such as My Tutor and Academic Tutor Online, to find a steady source of income.

Additionally, you can upload videos of lessons on YouTube and monetize through ads with your YouTube channel. This approach would introduce you to a variety of students, who can then sign up for personal one-on-one lessons with you. With YouTube videos, you can also leverage affiliate marketing to sell others’ products and get a commission for it.

To start off, you can choose a subject, or subjects, which you are an expert in, and create a course outline before creating videos for it. You may also search for the topics that are in-demand to fill the gap in the market.

The key to teaching from home is establishing your value and demonstrating the uniqueness of your teaching ability.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management can also be carried out from home. For this profession, you are required to handle the social media platforms for your clients.

Currently, the most in-demand platforms for marketing products and services are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok. As a social media manager, you would be required to create engaging posts, which are specific to the requirements of that particular platform, are on-brand and compelling for the audience.

The purpose of social media marketing is to increase the traffic on the client’s website, in order to increase its revenue.

Social media management requires you to have the ability to create compelling posts that are specific to the content produced on each platform. For instance, Instagram requires the use of eye-catching images that stand out on the customer’s feed. Similarly, TikTok and YouTube require the use of videos to grab the audience’s attention.

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This job mandates an amalgam of abilities, including writing, graphic designing, video editing, planning, strategizing, and carrying out oppositional research.

If you have experience in social media marketing and management, you can pitch your ideas to numerous clients, who are willing to offer you this job remotely.

Additionally, you can also work as a freelance social media manager by showing your portfolio to different clients.

Once you acquire one to four years of experience in this industry, an annual salary of £25,083 can be generated from this profession. Essentially, after a duration of five years in the field, you may be able to earn around £33,000 on a yearly basis.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides help with various aspects of a job to a business, or a manager. However, as apparent by the name, they execute all their tasks remotely.

There are various types of virtual assistants, some of who have experience in specific fields, while the market is also open for generalized virtual assistants.

A general virtual assistant offers help with a number of tasks, such as delegating emails, scheduling meetings, responding to customer queries, and more.

However, niche-specific virtual assistants have responsibilities that relate to a specific industry. For instance, if you have technical skills, you can work as a tech virtual assistant. For this role, you would be required to carry out a plethora of tasks, such as creating landing pages, copywriting, or building evergreen funnels.

Like all other remote professions, becoming a virtual assistant would require you to market yourself on digital platforms. You can also send out your resume to numerous firms that are in search of a virtual assistant.

A positive aspect of becoming a virtual assistant is being able to learn on the job. With direct exposure to all the actions taking place in the industry, you can augment your skillset and apply for better jobs in the future.

Essentially, the more skills you learn, the higher the value you can add to your clients, which in turn leads to higher income. As a result, this profession can be ideal if you wish to enhance your skillset in a specific field or industry.



Another in-demand field for remote workers is copywriting. Copywriting refers to the art of writing content displayed on websites, sales pages, and landing pages. It is a captivating amalgam of words that are used to sell a product and create an urge for the customers to spend money on the products or services that the brand offers.

The key to copywriting is curating a captivating copy is writing compelling content in a subtle manner. This means that when a visitor reads your content, they should be intrigued to further explore the products or services that the company provides.

While copywriting is not difficult, it does require experience and a unique set of skills. If you perfect your writing ability to meet the requirements of copywriting, you can easily earn a hefty income from your skillset. Similar to bloggers, copywriters charge on a per word basis. Considering this, you can make a large sum of money, even remotely, without having to exert a lot of time and effort.

To find copywriting jobs, you can reach out to businesses that are in the search for a copywriter. You may also create a profile on a platform for freelancers to find projects that you can work on.

Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist

The responsibilities of a recruitment specialist do not require any technical skills. This job obligates you to establish a connection between job seekers and organizations looking to fill in vacancies.

With that said, to work as a successful remote recruiting specialist, you would be required to find qualified, skilled and reliable candidates for different clients. For this purpose, creating a plan of action would be necessary. For instance, many recruitment agents thoroughly examine the skill set of a candidate by reviewing their resume, conducting a field-specific test, and/or by carrying out a remote interview.

Recruitment agents can work for one organization, or they may offer assistance to different companies.

For this job, the most fundamental skill that you need to have is social skills. The ability to talk and mingle. You must be able to find clients that have jobs and convince them to call on for interviews with the candidates you recommend. Similarly, you must also be able to establish communication with the organizations and play an active role in identifying their needs for the position, so you can fulfill them proficiently.

Recruitment specialists are required to establish communications with individuals and businesses to find leads. They manage to recruit by using various means, and they are also responsible for maintaining applicant log records and providing updates.

Recruitment specialists can work for a single organization; however, their role also empowers them with the flexibility of providing their services to a wide range of companies.

Translator/ Interpreter

Translator/ Interpreter

A convenient work from home job for bilingual individuals is the role of a translator or an interpreter. As the name suggests, a translator is an individual who converts one language into another.

Translators can be of two types. One category includes individuals who are required on the field to facilitate communications, whereas the other category has the benefit of working from an office or a home environment. The former category is inclusive of individuals who offer their services at airports, corporate meetings, civil courts, or even schools to foster effective communication between individuals speaking two different languages.

However, if you wish to work from home, your responsibilities would extend to translating written content from one language to another. Several companies require individuals who are well versed in two or more languages to convert instruction manuals from one language to another.

On average a translator can earn around £18,000 to £38,000 p.a. in the UK, depending on their experience, as well as the nature of their responsibilities.

Additionally, the salary may also vary in terms of the language that you have mastered. For instance, individuals who are well-versed in French can earn significantly more than those who have mastered the German language.

If your abilities lie in localization and translation, you may be able to earn a significantly larger amount. Similarly, translators with skills in Mandarin, French and Spanish language are also quite in-demand in the UK.

Conversely, translators with specialization in the German and English languages are not as likely to earn as much.

Medical Coder

Medical Coder

If you have a background in medicine, you can pursue a remote career as a medical coder. Medical coding refers to the conversion of healthcare diagnosis, methodologies, medical services, and equipment into universally acceptable medical alphanumeric codes.

The information is collected from the documentation of medical records and is applied proficiently by the medical coders. The process includes the extraction of data from the documentations, so relevant codes can be applied to it.

As medical coding requires in-depth information about medical terminologies, you are required to have a certain set of skills to qualify for this job. You must have the following skills in order to pursue a career as a medical coder:

  • Detail-oriented: Medical coders are required to pay immense attention to details. A minor error made by the coder can result in severe consequences, therefore, it is important to bill accurately.
  • Proficiency in healthcare systems for billing and coding
  • Proficiency in document management software programs
  • Proficiency in office software suite (e.g., Microsoft Office or Google Workspace)
  • An understanding of ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases)


Working remotely has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and due to Covid-19, it is the safest option. Remote work opportunities do not only allow individuals the flexibility of working at their own schedule, but it also opens up the chances to secure an additional income by working multiple jobs. However, like any other profession, work from home jobs also require a certain set of skills.

The above mentioned are some of the highest paying remote work opportunities in the UK. If you have the skills and the talents to pursue any of these careers, you can earn a healthy amount of income by committing to the process.

The key to choosing the right field is identifying your interest, as well as your abilities. If your abilities and your passion align, you would be able to find the right remote opportunity for yourself. Additionally, you can also pursue more than one career remotely, as you would have flexible hours. This would ensure that you are able to bring in a hefty income, which could be much higher than that earned from a conventional/office going job.

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