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20 Creative Ways of Making Money

Looking for ways to make money? Check out the ideas we have for you below


creative ways of making money

Though not entirely creative, babysitting remains to be lucrative when it comes to making money. That said, you can take it a notch higher. Look for busy professionals to babysit for. Likely, they can’t remember the last time they went on a date or got to hang out with friends. Look for people around you that fit the criteria. Their times would typically be evenings when the children are spent and in bed. What would remain for you to do is house sit too. The busy professionals will thank you for the time you’ve allowed them to unwind, and that will reflect on how much you ask to be paid.

Walk dogs

creative ways of making money

Again, it is not uncommon to find pet owners who love their dogs, but they don’t have enough time to take them for their daily exercise. You can look for the need around you, or you can join apps such as DogWalker and Rover to walk or care for pets. You’ll be of great help to those who have a super busy schedule or have gone out of town and cannot take their dog with them. The other place that you’re likely to get extra cash from as well is reaching out to the local vet or grooming centres. You can indeed let them know that you’re available to offer services. Equally, if they allow, you can leave your contacts on the notice board.

Clean out your closet/home

Look at your wardrobe. Are there things that you haven’t worn at all or worn once, and that was a wrap for you? Look through your closet and make a pile of close that you can resell. There are apps such as Postmark and even Craigslist, Gumtree or eBay, where you can sell items that you are in good shape, but you don’t wear. There is also the option of having a garage sale. Whatever works for you, go with it. You’d have made money off things that you no longer use.

creative ways of making money

Sell your skills/talent

Do you have a voice that people are always going on about how good it is? Are your drawing skills so exceptional that they look like the real thing? Do you very well know your way around a spreadsheet to the point it intimidates others? There are tons of platforms that you can join and sell your skills or something you’re talented at. You don’t have to wait to get discovered; you can put samples of your work out there and let others choose to work with you. It’s always fulfilling to make money off a skill or talent you excel in.

Answer questions

creative ways of making money

Do you find yourself exceptionally knowledgeable in several things? Why not offer your help answering the most commonly asked questions? One example of such a site is JustAnswer.com. You do have to register an account and send in your qualifications and await confirmation to join as well. Even if you don’t get in, you can refer experts who can. That way, you still come away with a $50 gift card.


If you type fast and you’re good at listening, then transcribing is another way you can make money. The trick is to type accurately out what you hear and fast as well. All you need is to fluent in English, have a computer/laptop, and headset. The quality of audio that you get will differ, but you can still work through them. The more you do get done, the more you can earn in a day. Here, typing fast is having the ability to type more than 80 words or more per minute. You can go to typingtest.com to see where you rank in terms of your typing speed.


creative ways of making money

The other way to make money is through proofreading documents looking for errors. There are various types of proofreading material out there, and they cater to the different educational levels. Some do require post-graduate degrees to become a proofreader, for example, when you are checking court documents for errors. If you’re new to it, take a free online course to bring you up to speed when it comes to proofreading best practices. you can sign up for PeoplePerHour which connects you/ your businesses to an array of clients and other freelancer and gives you the chance to offer your proffesional proofreading and editing services

Editing or copywriting

Sites that generate content do need freelances to both write and edit articles. If you’re not so much into writing and you’re well conversant grammar, you can get paid on any of these sites. It is lower pay than if you were to write, but it is an excellent place to start when you’re looking to learn and become well aware of the various writing styles there are. Whatever the case, if you work fast, you’ll get good money.

Create a blog

creative ways of making money

If you’re passionate about something, say fashion or healthcare, you can partner with different brands to feature them on your blog. You do have to be authentic when doing this; you don’t want your reader to feel that you’re merely selling stuff to them. The core purpose of the blog is to help your readers and expose them to brands and information that improves their lives. You can also have AdSense that lets Google advertise on your website for a fee. Bloggers and writers can subscribe to Fiverr.com for proffesional services that help you make better content online while connecting your business to the right people.

Publish a book

The sphere of publishing has changed. You no longer have to beg publishers to print your book; you can do that yourself. Do remember that you do have to do publicity and marketing for the book yourself is people are going to buy it. Companies such as Kindle allow for free publishing, and they give you 70 percent of the royalties for each book sold. Do remember to make it affordable, especially if you’re new to writing and publishing. Once you generate traction, you’ll make passive income from the book sales.

creative ways of making money

Become a tutor

You could be particularly good at something, say an instrument or a foreign language or even numbers. Why not indeed put this knowledge to use and become a tutor? There are always children and even college-goers that need extra help with assignments, test-taking, and doing projects. You can lend a hand and become a tutor in an area that you’re good at. The good thing is that you’re the expert, and even as you continue to learn new ways of doing things, you can increase your rate based on the pass rates.

Join Airbnb

creative ways of making money

If you have a spare room and you’d love to host people, then the perfect place to be is Airbnb. You’ll very well get to meet a ton of new people and also make money off the spare room. Alternatively, if you travel a lot, you can set the months in which your home will be available. That way, you can make your house work for you even when you’re on holiday. Take time to understand more about Airbnb. They do indeed have measures in place to ensure that your home is not turned into a drug house while you’re away. There are also ground rules that you can put in place for your guests to abide by.

Run errands

There are these two ways you can go about this. Start by reaching out to friends, families, and other people who know you to pay you to run their errands. Some people find that doing some things is a chore and would much rather spend their time on other things. Therefore, there’s plenty to be done. You can pick their laundry, take children for a play-date and the like. The other option is to join the app Field Agent, where you’re paid to conduct various tasks for clients. You’ll be up and down and all over town, but at least you’ll be making money while you’re at it.

Become a driver

creative ways of making money

Lyft and Uber have been fantastic apps that help people make extra cash for driving people around. The good thing about it is that you can work part-time and make good money. The weekends are also a great time to be actively using these services. If you’re somehow busy and your car is free, you can lead it out to someone to drive for you for a commission. It’s not the best idea, but it worth thinking about if you want to make your car work for you.

Make deliveries

There are apps you can join to deliver meals when you’re free. Again, here, you’re able to work according to your schedule. The other exceptional thing about these services is that you get to keep all the tips that you get upon delivery. You can also work outside the app and reach out to friends and families that require the same services. You can charge them slightly lower so they can gravitate towards you when they need something.

creative ways of making money

Sell photos

Companies such as Shutter stock and even Backgrounds look for people like you to share their photos. Why not make extra cash from taking unique images and sending them to these and other websites that purchase photos. The good thing about it is you’re paid per download, so be sure to send eye-catching images. The beauty of getting to sell photos is that you don’t need to be a professional. With your phone camera (if it’s of good quality), you can capture some unique photos that are appealing. There are also after effects tools that you can use to enhance the picture further.


There is a place within this platform where you can get freebies. That is not something people know because the platform is primarily about exchanging goods and services for money. However, there is a space where you can get free stuff from people who want to give away items. That’s not something that society is known for, but we’re thankful that there are people who are willing to give freebies. You can search for fantastic items, mostly from people who want to get rid of items in a hurry and don’t have time to engage in sales. You can take these items and sell them on Craigslist or even eBay to make extra money.

creative ways of making money

Customer service jobs

There are several companies that rely on people working at home to manage their customer service lines. When you join to work for a call centre, you’ll spend your day responding to queries over the phone, instant messages, or email. Customers call for various reasons, and you can create a log of quick ways to troubleshoot issues. You can also serve as a useful member of the customer service team by tracking common problems and letting the company know. That way, they can fix whatever the issue is. People call for various reasons, so when doing this job, you’ll likely not get bored. You’ll also be helping people out all the while getting cash from it.

Get paid to watch TV

If you consider yourself a couch potato, why not make money off that as well? Sites such as HowToWatch do have a time where they call for application. For instance, you get paid $2,000 for watching 100 hours of TV. That sounds fantastic; however, there is a catch. You do need intense focus and note-taking skills to give the company feedback on what you’re watching. Here are other sites that offer the same but for less, with the watch time being shorter too. Technology has made it possible to get the job done on your smartphone.

creative ways of making money

Become a drop shipper

Another way of making money that has generated interest in the past few years is drop-shipping. It’s easier to start because you don’t need to buy inventory and stock it up in a warehouse. Instead, you can work with suppliers. How it works is this: when someone purchases something from your site, it goes to the supplier as well, and they are responsible for shipping. Therefore, deliveries are also one less thing you need to worry about. Only ensure that when joining a drop shipping company, you use a niche market if you want to sell. Focus on meeting needs, and not necessarily selling what you think people want.

Wrap up

What other creative ways can you come up with to make money? Let us know.

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