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20 Best Ways to Make Money Grow in 6 Months

You’ve looked at your bank balance, and you’re not entirely happy about it. Now, you’re looking for ways that you can at least afford a smile in the next six months. What can you do to make your money grow in the next six months? In this article, we are going to look at a practical way you can increase your bank balance. Sure, we will mention short term investments, but there are some habits that you can change that can lead to a positive impact.

Let’s dive in;

Here are the 20 Best ways to make money grow in 6 months

Learn to say no

If you’re going to spend money, then the answer is no. For these six months, you might have to get comfortable with the idea of staying home. The other alternative is to spend time online looking for activities that will not cost you anything. It’s indeed the perfect time to learn more about what goes on in your town or city too. When friends or family invite you for something, and you do have to spend money, decline politely. After, put the money that you could have spent into a box or your savings account.

make money grow in 6 months

Sell what you don’t need

There are online platforms or even your backyard where you can sell things that you don’t need. Remember that they do need to be in good condition so that you can make more money off them. It could be those heels that you tell yourself that you’ll have the ability to walk in one day. It could be play station games that you no longer like or play. Whatever it is, create a pile of things that you no longer use and sell them on Craig’s List or eBay. Once you get the money, put it in a savings account or a box in your home.

Find part-time jobs

Summer months and the Christmas breaks are some of the times where you can look for part-time jobs that you can work at. These seasonal jobs do require you to give up your rest, but once you’re done, you’ll come away with money that you wouldn’t have in the first place. Look for people who need service around you and offer help for a fee. Here, you have the creative freedom to go with what works.

Babysit or pet sit

make money grow in 6 months

Another way to make extra cash is to reach out to friends and family and ask to babysit or pet sit. They will likely welcome the extra help because you are someone they know and trust. If you do an exceptional job, then you’ll become the go-to person for that. Apart from babysitting, you can offer to take the children for a play date to give their parents time to rest.

Give up your luxuries

You’ll need to give up that lunch at your favourite restaurant and that heavenly cup of coffee. Every time you don’t spend money on luxuries, put it in your bank account or a box you have in your home. During the day, put that money aside in a different compartment of your wallet. That helps you not get tempted to spend it simply because you ‘saved’ it. To know how much you’ve been spending on eating out, you can create a separate box in your home and see how much you’ve saved in the process. Ultimately it will motivate you to find cheap ways to make homemade meals. Tons of websites help you do just that.

Get creative

make money grow in 6 months

You could want a new shelf or a gift to gives someone. Instead of going to a store and buying something, why not make it yourself? It will require you to put time aside to do them but think about the money you’ve used. After purchasing the supplies, put the remaining money that you could have spent in a box or your account. It doesn’t really have to be perfect, but it is a good place to start.

Join a taxi service

make money grow in 6 months

If your work schedule allows it, you can join a company like Lyft or Uber. It is a fantastic way to make extra money, especially in the coming months. There are indeed a couple of things that you can do as you’re waiting for clients, such as listening to podcasts. The other ideal thing is that you can work around your schedule, and you can cash out immediately. There are some hoops that you have to jump, such as being over 21 and not having a criminal record.

Join Airbnb and become a host

make money grow in 6 months

If you do have a spare room in your home, then you can sign up to be a host on Airbnb. You might need to vamp the place up so that it’s up to par with their standards. The space should be attractive so that people do want to say there. Choose the number of days that you’re comfortable hosting someone. It could be for a night, weekend, or even a month. The great thing about Airbnb is that you have support round the clock so you can call them any time if you need something.

Make short-term investments

You can make a passive income, too, by making short-term investments. One of the ways you can indeed do that is real estate. You can consider purchasing property and living in one unit and rent out the other one. Otherwise, you can reach out to investment companies that trade on real estate. That way, you can expect to take money home with you at the end of the six months.

Start an eCommerce site

make money grow in 6 months

If you’re passionate about something that you want others to get a piece of, then you can start an online store. Look at what the need is for those around you and start an online shop. There are a couple of websites that you can turn to that include Shopify and Wix to sell your product. You can also offer your services. If you’re good at creating things with your hands, such as hair bows, you can lend your services to a school to make them for their pupils.

Loan out your services

If you’re good at design and Photoshop, you can join an app like Up Work and other websites to get you going. You do need to have spare time to do that, but it is worthwhile. It is also a good opportunity to hone your craft, and it could be something that you end up doing full time. With the money you make, you can put it aside in a box or your savings account.


make money grow in 6 months

Another way to make money fast in the next six months is to become a drop shipper. Here you also have to do market research to find out what things people are interested in. It helps you get into an area that you’re passionate about so that you’d burn out or get bored. If you’re into tech, you can focus on software. If you’re into fashion, then you can get into that line. You can join a service like Ali Express and become a drop-shipping partner. The great thing about drop-shipping is that you don’t need inventory to get started, and you only pay the company what your clients purchase.

Trade online

There are tons of online trading platforms that you can join. You do need prior knowledge about trading to avoid losing money. You can use online platforms or even books to help you out. If you want to get serious about it, you can take a course to help you become better at it. Take some time to learn how to trade successfully and how to create your portfolio. You don’t want to put your eggs in one basket.

Make house deliveries

You can equally turn to your friends, family, and even neighbours and opt to make deliveries for them. They can send you a list of things that they need, and you can go shop for them and also deliver. That works best if you live in an apartment. Your biceps will likely become toned, but you’ll have extra cash at the end of six months.

make money grow in 6 months

Run errands

Not everyone enjoys running errands, and here is where you can save in to save the day. It could be taking a pet to get their shots or taking someone’s vehicle to the car wash. You can help people around you get things done and ease up their day. Have a charge sheet so that you know how much you’ll be charging for various errands.

Purchase Treasury bills

Another route you can take is getting the Treasury bill. These tend to be short term and take a year or less to mature.  Make note that it is different from a treasury bond because those take ten years or more to mature. The bills are sold in domination of $1,000, and depending on how much you have, you can go as high as $5m when it comes to non-competitive bids.

Become an event organiser

There are every baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, and birthdays taking place throughout the year. If you’re creative, you can take this opportunity to have fun and learn a lot when it comes to event organisation. The great thing about it is that if you become super at it, it could be something that you take up as a part-time job even past the six-year mark. Start small, asking to organise events for their kids’ birthdays and work your way from there. Remember, it’s something you have to do a fantastic job; otherwise, you will not be getting any referrals.

make money grow in 6 months

Sell packaged meals

Bachelors and busy moms wouldn’t mind getting an extra hand when it comes to preparing meals. If you’re particularly passionate about cooking, you can take up a list of names of people in the office and prepare them for dinner meals. Make it simple that all they need to do is pop it into the microwave once they get home. You can also make lunch meals. It helps to know in advance who you’re cooking for to avoid the inconvenience of either having too little or too much food left. It does mean you have to get cooking after work or in the morning, but for the extra dollars, it is worth it.

Sell drinks

If you do consider yourself the king or queen of smoothies, why not turn that into a business venture? When making your morning smoothie, you can increase the portions of your ingredients and make a large batch for people at the office, or anywhere for that matter. Again, it helps to know beforehand because smoothies or juices, in general, tend to have a shorter shelf life. It would also mean investing in a cooler to keep the drinks chilled until someone is ready to buy.

Become an amateur makeup artist

make money grow in 6 months

This tip is tailored for women, but there are men in the industry doing a terrific job as well, even at the amateur level. Therefore, why not turn something you do every morning into a business? You can offer to do a simple makeover for your friends and family, especially if they have a special upcoming event that they want to impress. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of a person’s appearance. People appreciate having makeup to accentuate their best features and still look natural. With whatever skills you have, you can make extra cash off being a makeup artist.

Wrap up

In this article, we have covered 20 top ways you can make your money grow in six months. There is a mesh between investing and also getting extra ways to make an income. It is not the end all be all for ideas; they are just tips to get your creative juices following. There is something you can do, either big or small, to earn you extra cash in a short time. It could mean fewer hours of sleep, but if you’re saving toward something big, then it’s worthwhile.

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