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10 Dropshipping Plugins For WordPress

The contemporary business climate is bursting with hundreds of different ideas and opportunities to generate a streamlined flow of income. Dropshipping is one of them. In fact, it is being hailed as one of the most accessible, easy, and profitable ways for emerging entrepreneurs to make money online.

While it offers several benefits to people who are using this new-age method to increase their income, the key advantages of dropshipping are that you do not have to buy and store your products, as they are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer. As a result, you do not have to invest in storage facilities that will save you a chunk of your budget.

Dropshipping is a form of online business, where a digital store does not store the products in stock. Instead, it caters to the customers by directly purchasing the products from vendors and then shipping them to the client’s given destination. As the cost of running a dropshipping business is relatively low, it has become one of the most popular ways to make money online.

Other advantages of dropshipping include the liberty of getting your products shipped with your packaging and branding to the customers. Therefore, brand recognition can be built to help expand your eCommerce store at a faster pace.

There are a variety of platforms available that can help you build your dropshipping business. A few examples are Amazon, Shopify, and WordPress. In this blog, the focus will be mainly on how one can utilise dropshipping plugins, which are available on WordPress. This platform offers a range of options to fine-tune and tailor your website according to your target audience. So, if you are planning to run a dropshipping business, WordPress is also a convenient option.

The ensuing guide covers all the major types of WordPress dropshipping plugins. If you are interested to know more about them, continue reading.


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One of the most common and popular dropshipping plugins is Dropified. The reason why it is so hyped in the eCommerce industry is that it is jam-packed with a variety of great features. It’s flexible with other dropshipping platforms, such as Shopify, so you never feel bound to one medium. One of the primary features of Dropified plugin is that it makes the process of importing products and displaying them on eCommerce sites seamless. Other than that, you can also use this platform in conjunction with other dropshipping plugins for WordPress, such as WooCommerce.

Moreover, Dropified also makes it easier for business owners to update any price changes or availability of products on their sites. That way, your customers will always stay in the loop. Furthermore, it also allows business owners to edit the product information while keeping the original details, so they can always get back to them when there is a need. In simple words, if you are looking for a dropshipping plugin that makes time-saving and management considerably streamlined, Dropified is the way to go.

Dropified also keeps introducing several new features, which prove to be equally useful. For example, the image extractor option is a recent update that automatically scans the product page and extracts concerned images, including those in the description. That way, entrepreneurs can attract many customers by providing them with visual appeal to buy their products, which is the new-age marketing strategy.

Additionally, Dropified also lets you track your order with just one click. You do not have to go through the struggle of keeping a trail of everything. As the main purpose of dropshipping is to make your eCommerce business user-friendly, forums like Dropified contribute to this goal in a significant manner.


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After Dropified, the most popular WordPress plugin is WooCommerce. What makes it the favourite among the entrepreneur community is its free accessibility. You do not have to pay a single penny to use the exceptional features that WooCommerce has to offer to its users. The plugin provides the business owners with the freedom to handle all the elements of their eCommerce store, such as shopping carts, checkouts, payments, and much more. Just like Dropified, you can also use the features of Woocommerce in conjunction with other plugins.

Rather than using other arduous plugin options, you can save yourself money and time by opting for WooCommerce dropshipping plugin. As it is developed by the same team that created the WordPress platform, WooCommerce can be your ultimate feature-rich digital shopping solution. With this medium, the possibilities of expanding your eCommerce business are never-ending. People can make use of features like built-in blogging, product ratings, reviews, sorting, filtering, and unrestricted customisation to take their store to the next level.

Another perk of WooCommerce is its robust security. The developers have managed to do an impressive job in making this platform a safe means for online shopping. As the aim is to provide the customers with an exceptional digital shopping experience, WooCommerce keeps updating its safety features, which can be easily implemented with just one click.

For business owners, who are looking for reliable platforms, where they can create a brand of their own, WooCommerce can help them in achieving such goals. It boasts over 400 official extensions that range from payments, analytics, shipment to marketing and accounting. Just like themes, these third-party extensions are either free or paid. On top of that, you can also buy them from the market, as they are widely available with the themes.

Checkout Manager

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Several WordPress plugins are designed to work with WooCommerce and one of them is the Checkout Manager. By using this medium, you can tailor and manage your digital store’s checkout process with ease. One can delete, add, and re-order the billing fields when they are collecting customer information as they check out. Checkout Manager also allows the user to disable any field that they do not deem appropriate. Moreover, people can make some chosen fields mandatory for shoppers to fill out. The initial plugin is free but if you have the budget at hand, you can buy the premium version for more advanced features.

When an entrepreneur decides to have an eCommerce website, the primary goal is to have customers complete their purchases. That is only possible if they can offer the shoppers an efficient checkout page. Moreover, a proper billing page can increase the conversion rate, which has a positive impact on overall sales. Checkout Manager, along with WooCommerce, can make your online shop the best one out there, as it can help you in designing a seamless checkout process.

You can use the Checkout Manager plugin to make changes to the core fields of the billing and shipping section of your online store. If that is not enough, people can also add updated values for default, class, name, placeholder, and other similar fields. To elevate customer satisfaction, dropshipping stores can also design custom messages that get displayed before a customer checks out.


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Another dropshipping plugin that is extremely useful for people who use AliExpress is AliDropShip. It is known as a very versatile plugin that has many features to offer. You can effectively build your dropshipping site through this WordPress plugin option. Digital store owners can transport their on-demand products into their site seamlessly with AliDropShip. Additionally, managing the placement and confirmation of orders is also a streamlined process if you take the help of this handy plugin.

The best thing about AliDropShip is that it supports other WooCommerce plugins as well. However, you cannot opt for the various features of this plugin without paying a one-time fee, which is budget-friendly. According to the experts in the dropshipping industry, the various features can be worth the money.

There are many things you can do with the AliDropShip plugin. The key benefit of this medium is that you can directly import products from AliExpress into your e-store with a single click. Instead of using the same conventional styles, you can use customisable and user-friendly themes.  Other features allow you to merge dropshipping with your WooCommerce store, make use of built-in marketing options to send emails and tailored coupons, and automate pricing based on your profit and custom rules.

Furthermore, you can utilise AliDropShip to add unlimited products to the stores. If keeping a track of your orders and analytics is a challenging job for you, AliDropShip can assist by offering an easily-accessible dashboard. All in all, people looking for an affordable means of boosting the sales of their eCommerce store should opt for this plugin.


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Another WordPress plugin that compliments AliExpress dropshipping stores is Ezusy. It is the perfect option for people who want to stay far away from complicated dashboards and confusing layouts. This feature-rich tool allows store owners to import any product they want to their WooCommerce store. Without such a plugin, the transportation of products can be an hour-long procedure. However, with Ezusy, a single click on a product can import it directly to your store. As there is no need for any manual efforts, this plugin is at the top of the list of favourite WordPress plugins.

The functionality of Ezusy is really similar to the Dropified plugin, which is easy, seamless, and fast. It helps in making your store stay up to date, as it automatically updates changes in inventory and prices. Customers like to come across online shops that are maintained well, as it makes the products look reliable and trustworthy. If you want to achieve something similar for your digital store, Ezusy can help you with that.

Another great news about Ezusy is that you can enjoy a variety of themes, meaning you can tailor your eCommerce site with more creativity. Other than that, it works in conjunction with other WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce. The built-in image editor, which comes as an additional feature with this tool, allows the user to make any necessary changes to the product images. For example, if the product is showcasing your supplier’s logo, you have the option to crop it or brush over your own brand’s name on it.


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If you are bored with the traditional dropshipping plugins, this one is an ideal choice for you. OptinMonster is seen more as a marketing tool than a dropshipping plugin. It is a fact that not everyone who visits your site will make a purchase or increase a sale for you. However, with OptinMonster, digital store owners can design capturing email lists and lure visitors with sale offers and vouchers. With the help of this WordPress plugin, people can create popup notifications to catch the visitor’s attention and convince them to sign up.

The customer data that you obtain with such techniques can help you segment and target the right set of audience with the help of persuading marketing campaigns, which will eventually help in driving sales. Other features are also available at OptinMonster, which can boost the profit sales of an eCommerce store. These include full-screen mats, slide-ins, and lightboxes. If you do not want to overwhelm your customers with aggressive pop-ups, you can design sidebar forms.

With OptinMonster, the users have complete control over how and when each pop-up appears on the site. You can choose after the event, welcome, and exit intent pop-ups, depending on your preference. All the features are laptop, desktop, and mobile-friendly, which means you can target a huge population of the target audience. As a result, your store will enjoy a significant number of customers.


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DropshipMe is another dropshipping plugin option for eCommerce shop owners. It allows users to transport products from a range of over 50,000 popular items. If you are a business owner who aims for a bigger store and a wider clientele in a short period, the key is to sell on-demand products. With DropshipMe, beginners can start earning a significant income by listing products in their stores that are best-sellers and hand-picked by retail experts. Customers will invest if you offer them good-quality items, and that is what DropshipMe is all about.

DropshipMe comes with free lifetime access, which is ideal for individuals who do not have a big budget to start their dropshipping business. However, there is a one-time payment mandatory to enjoy upgraded features. Other than that, there are no recurring charges or hidden taxes. Furthermore, business owners can offer constant and reliable customer support to their clients with the help of the seamless layout.

Through DropshipMe, you can import products that come with professional images and names, so you can save your time that goes on editing them. People do not have to waste their energy on polishing the look of products, as they are already optimised. Consequently, you will be able to give more attention to setting up your store. Another reason why DropshipMe is an ideal choice for emerging entrepreneurs is that it allows you to display real product reviews given by past customers. Majority of the online sales take place because of positive reviews. Therefore, you can drive more sales without doing much effort.

WP Amazon Shop

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If you are in search of a plugin that can benefit your Amazon dropshipping store, WP Amazon Shop can be an ideal choice for you. As the name implies, the plugin works with Amazon. Users can easily search millions of products directly from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin can work in conjunction with WooCommerce, which means you can select and import countless Amazon products into your store with just one click. Furthermore, the plugin automatically adds your affiliate ID into the product URLs, which makes it easy for customers to understand your brand better.

WP Amazon Shop, unlike other Amazon affiliates, allows the user to include percentage base pricing for dropshipping. That way, you do not have to adjust the pricing for every product that you import to your store. This can save you time and effort. Other features of this plugin include image editors that offer the users the liberty to transport product images to their website. That way, you can enjoy already optimised images to display in the store. If you do not want the products to have the brand name of the supplier, you can crop and edit the images through WordPress and update them according to your liking.

For access, people have to pay a certain fee, which is easily manageable. After all, if you want to enjoy the variety of features that WP Amazon Shop offers, paying a small amount should not be an issue. The extensive dashboard accessibility and image editing options can increase any online store’s sales funnel. Therefore, if you are new to WordPress dropshipping, this plugin can be beneficial.

WooCommerce Wishlist

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All the big retailers are now taking advantage of Wishlist functionality in which visitors can explore their store and save products they might want to buy later on in their Wishlist. That way, if a client did not make a purchase at that moment, they will be tempted to come back and buy the items saved in their Wishlist. This marketing strategy is significantly affecting the eCommerce industry, as it has proved to be the best way to lure visitors and increase customer loyalty.

You can achieve all that by using the WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. It might seem like a simple option when compared to other intricate plugins, but through this medium, you can boost the sales of your dropshipping business dramatically. One of the key features that one can enjoy via WooCommerce Wishlist is letting customers store their desired items for an unlimited period. Guests can also design a Wishlist that stays relevant for at least thirty days. Moreover, people can also have explicit privacy control of the lists that they create.

Beginners just starting their journey in the eCommerce industry can make use of this plugin, as it allows seamless integration with WordPress menus. Additionally, business owners can have an idea of the most demanding product they are selling by having a look at the wish lists. Finally, the specific features of WooCommerce Wishlist make it a crucial tool for both digital retailers and online shoppers.


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If you have been in the eCommerce industry for a while, you might have heard about Monsterinsights. It is known as one of the top best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. The medium allows you to keep a track of best-selling products in WooCommerce. People can use this information to make data-driven decisions when they are selecting products for their dropshipping store. If you want to know how users interact with products in your store, you can use MonsterInsights that can monitor WooCommerce customers in Google Analytics.

With MonsterInsights, you can get your hands on useful stats that can help in increasing the sales of your business. This plugin makes finding accurate reports easy and effortless. Without doing much, you can get an idea of what kind of products your target audience is demanding. A smart business owner will take full advantage of such features to stand out among its competitors.

The big names in the industry, such as Microsoft, Zillow, Bloomberg, FedEx, and more, are using MonsterInsights to look for potential customers and increase their sales. You can access the free version of this plugin, however, you will need to buy MonsterInsights Pro to use all of its advanced features, which include eCommerce reports, priority supports, and conversion tracking.


Fortunately, new-age business owners can take advantage of all these aforementioned WordPress plugins to boost the profit and sales of their shops. As the eCommerce industry keeps getting more competitive than ever, it is high time that online entrepreneurs update their skills and make use of modern techniques to grow their clientele. The bottom line is, you can make the arduous job of attracting clients online in a simple and less complicated manner if you integrate the usage of WordPress plugins. In order to find the right plugin, understand the needs and requirements of your online store, and refer to the aforementioned list to discover the accurate fit.


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